A new way to experience energy

Consumers now play a more active role in the energy market: they often consume the electricity that they produce themselves with mini-solar, wind and biomass power systems.

The digital revolution has opened up new horizons for the entire electricity market and is changing the way we experience daily life. Checking your domestic energy consumption from your smartphone, driving electric cars and the smart management of public and domestic lighting are now common occurrences.

Enel is playing a key role in the ongoing, rapid evolution of the world we live in. Some time ago we embarked on this journey of change, investing in technology, innovation and clean energy.

We offer the most advanced, smart services, ranging from electric cars to energy efficiency and energy saving solutions made possible by recent technological developments.

The future is a joint project

The Futur-e project for the conversion of 23 power plants and a mining area is a much-needed initiative, but above all, it represents a chance to create new development opportunities for the areas where the plants are located. With Futur-e we are working side by side with local administrations, citizens and the business community to pave the way for development in Italy.

We are open to dialogue because it is essential for shaping a common, shared resource. Our goals and vision are described in a Manifesto that outlines our energy plan for the country, in which we are engaging all our stakeholders.

A project based on the circular economy

We are convinced that our business strategy needs to integrate a new, sustainable environmental approach in order to foster the transition to a circular economy.

The circular model, which is focused on system sustainability, aims to identify, through public tenders and contests for new projects, potential circular, long-term sustainable solutions capable of transforming the 23 power plants and a mining area into new development opportunities for the local communities.

In this perspective, Futur-e represents an example of a virtuous circular economy project, both in its approach and its implementation.

Renewal through Innovation

From the United States to China, from the United Kingdom to Italy, all over the world thermal power plants and industrial sites have begun new lives thanks to conversion projects.

Creativity, openness to the needs of the public and new ideas, have turned obsolete, out of service plants into development opportunities for local communities. While some have maintained their industrial vocation, others have become art museums, multifunctional centres or recreational and cultural spaces.

The numerous success stories from all over the world show that the transformation of the energy scenario, through the development of renewables, smart grids and sustainable development models, does not mean leaving the power plants and local areas associated with past models to rot.

The ongoing changes compel everyone to open up to new horizons and seek new uses for the sites of such plants, thereby creating a different future, one that is more sustainable and long lasting.

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