Batteries and renewable, a "small" size for homes


Photovoltaic and small storage systems, a key innovation to promote energy efficiency and wider use of renewables

Innovation flies faster than light, also in the energy sector. The development of technologies related to renewable accumulation have been considered for some time as a possible solution to overcome what is considered one of the main limits of green sources, their inconsistency.

 In this context, Enel has long been engaged in testing and implementing innovative batteries for photovoltaic, solar and wind power, with several innovative projects, such as the one conducted with the GRID4EU consortium, or storage installations to stabilise energy services in particular areas of outstanding natural beauty and smaller islands, like Ventotene and Salina.

 In this field, according to many experts, small storage systems, designed for the retail market will revolutionise the energy sector, strengthening even more the role of renewables. Especially in an increasingly distributed energy market, such as the Italian one.

Small storage will grow in the next five years, driven by new residential and electric backup, as observed in Germany and Japan, where in 2015 the market for residential accumulations surged.
To promote the idea of ​​a "small smart and green service" it will soon be possible to install at customers’ homes a photovoltaic system connected to an energy storage system. This will allow to accumulate the energy produced during the day to use it when the system does not produce, thus maximising their own consumption in total comfort and without having to worry about consuming when the plant is producing power.

With this in mind, our company is promoting partnerships with leading manufacturers of batteries for homes, with the aim of innovating, collaborating with industry leaders and quickly entering this market segment.