Enel’s e-goodlife makes life easier and cheaper


e-goodlife is the new technological kit developed by Enel to turn living spaces into “smart homes.” The system works by means of a box for sustainable energy consumption, a micro-sensor and a webcam that detects the movements of doors, windows and people inside a house. E-goodlife can also be activated remotely thanks to a smart socket. The age of good living is here.

Nicola Lanzetta, Enel’s Head of Market Italy, presented the new kit and explained how the idea was born and developed. After the mobile revolution brought about by smartphones in the last decade, various solutions that can make domestic life more peaceful and happier are now part of a single platform. Most importantly, this product is not ‘only’ for Enel’s 30 million customers in Italy: the kits are available to anyone through our website, Enel Points and affiliated agencies to help them optimise their daily habits through a closer management of their homes.

In addition to the hardware and the two available packages (Consumption Management for energy monitoring and Home Control for security and surveillance, both with activation by an Enel technician included in the price), e-goodlife features an app that watches every detail. It even allows users to order dinner and to receive weather updates and useful tips to avoid traffic.

That is right: because cars are part of this revolution. They will soon be mounting batteries that are charged at home and, in some cases, people will be able to request a vehicle for specific journeys. All this without having to change current devices or household appliances, while ensuring the utmost privacy in performing control operations.

e-goodlife aims at making technology increasingly friendlier for individual users and families: it encourages people not to use more than the base consumption of 6 kW, needs only a good internet connection and, above all, rewards those users who manage to cut their consumption. Next year businesses and public administrations will also be able to take up these good habits, by using a specific product based on the current e-goodlife philosophy.