What is energy today?


This is a new energy vision that Enel narrates on television, print, digital media and cinema, through a new institutional advertising campaign.

A storytelling about a forward-looking type of energy that opens up a world of possibilities, thanks to new cutting-edge services, such as the broad recharge network for electric mobility, second-generation meters that allow an exchange between users and homes, and increasingly fast connections. Digitised infrastructures that improve people’s life and place them at the centre of a change to be experienced together with the company to modernise the country.

The characters of the TV spot go through coloured doors that lead them into a new dimension, which is already real for Enel. A world in which old plants gain new life, connections travel faster, smart homes are a reality and electric mobility takes people increasingly far. Because, as the speaker explains, Enel’s energy is a door that opens up to new uses, opening a world of possibilities for all.

The ad was made for Filmmaster Productions by We Are From LA, the world-famous couple of French directors who won prizes at the Cannes Festival and Grammy Awards for ‘Happy’, the video by Pharrell Williams. They are also the authors of a number of musical videos (Kanye West, Yelle) and of the most talked-about advertising campaigns (Eastpack, Mtv, Air France).

The soundtrack - Diamond veins by French 79 - gives the spot a dynamic, hypnotic and contagious energy.

The visual of the press and web campaign is also centered on doors and colours in neon. The message of openness represents Enel’s tangible commitment for home automation and mobility projects: we are installing new recharge stations on roads and highways and second-generation meters.