Enel: no more phone calls to solicit new contracts


Enel will no longer call potential new customers to solicit electricity and gas contracts from June 1st. Italian families, in fact do not always want to be contacted by operators proposing new offers and services.

From now on, telephone contacts will be made only to those who are already Enel Energia customers and have a consolidated relationship with the company. This way, they can receive useful information for the management of their household supply and, with their consent, learn about commercial offers dedicated to them.

Enel's main objective is to always be accessible and close to the needs of customers while maintaining a quality relationship with them. Enel has always focused on the importance of having a direct dialogue with people and customers: a continuous, sincere and non-intrusive relationship based on the idea that quality and reliability are values on which to build a bond. A dialogue also means listening to the needs of our customers, not only understood as cost-saving and innovative energy solutions for homes and businesses, but also in terms of respect for their time and privacy. Precisely for this reason, Enel has decided to focus on a physical presence throughout the country to be as close as possible to customers, both for those living in big cities and for those living in smaller towns. All the other channels for contact are still active. These include the contact center which is always available for customers or for those who want to ask for information, and door-to-door sales channels. Enel’s contact center can be reached at the toll-free number 800.900.860 and is active every day with a service of excellence that handles over 1.5 million calls every month, providing immediate solutions to every need.

Of course, the list of available contact options for customers could not miss digital and social media channels to meet the needs of all those who prefer to find information and manage their needs quickly and easily online. The Enel Energia customer area on this website is already used every month by about two million customers and allows them to control and manage their contracts on their own with just a few clicks.

In addition to the website, the Enel Energia app for smartphones and tablets and social media channels are available. Over 400,000 people already speak directly with Enel through its Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram channels. Finally, it is still possible to speak directly to reliable and expert commercial consultants who follow a strict code of conduct to be ready to answer to any request.

Enel's decision not to contact potential new customers by phone not only highlights its respect and openness, but also its desire to be close and attentive to the needs of Italian families.