Renewable Energy, European Leadership


A global leader in the energy transition towards renewable energies and the digitalisation of the networks. This is the role that Europe can play in the energy sector within a global scenario which, according to the annual report by the Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), was characterised in 2017 by the “renewed assertiveness of major global powers like Russia and China.”

Promoting European leadership in renewables was Enel Chairman Patrizia Grieco, speaking in Rome at the presentation of the "2018 ISPI Report. Sempre più un gioco per grandi. E l'Europa?" ("Increasingly a game for the big players. And Europe?"). The research institute headed by Paolo Magri produced a painstaking analysis of the new equilibriums within the international scenario, and then posed the question of Europe’s role in “a world of big players.”

“Some time ago the European Union chose to play a leading role in the energy transition, taking steps back in 2009 to set targets for sustainability, energy security and competitiveness, as well as launching policies to support the development of renewables with a view to achieving decarbonisation. The spread of renewable sources is fundamental to cutting Europe’s reliance on energy-exporting countries and thus reducing European countries’ exposure to international geopolitical tensions,” explained Enel’s Chairman Patrizia Grieco. “And for this reason, Europe shouldn’t only focus on generation from clean sources: it must also upgrade its interconnections, and adopt increasingly efficient and digitalised infrastructure networks,” she added.

In addition to the presentation of the 2018 ISPI Report by the Institute’s Director Paolo Magri, the event in Rome included speeches by ISPI President Giampiero Massolo and Licia Mattioli, Vice President of Confindustria for Internationalisation.