60 years of future and energy in pink


The 60th anniversary of Enel, born on December 6 1962, will have a pink theme this year. This is thanks to the driving force of the Giro d’Italia and the energy of the Maglia Rosa (Pink Jersey), for which we are the official sponsor again this year. To commemorate this occasion, on April 6 the MAXXI, the Museum of Art of the XXI Century, in Rome, was transformed into a special stage dedicated to sport, art, culture and energy. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Pink Jersey for the 2022 Giro d’Italia, which will begin on May 6 in Budapest and conclude in Verona’s famous Roman Arena on May 29.

This relationship is a continuation of the bond that was forged in 2016, thanks to the partnership with RCS in the spirit of those who, just like the cyclists, are always looking ahead with determination and enthusiasm. “We are increasingly part of the Giro,” announced our CEO and General Manager, Francesco Starace, “which brings people together and shows the beauty and the fun of this wonderful sport and all that it means: effort, hard work and commitment.”

This, in fact, is exactly how we can describe our work, first in electrifying the Country and now with a challenge that is even more complex and exciting: electrifying people. “This means warming homes, getting around by car and being productive, all thanks to electricity,” explained Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Country Italy. “Over the last 60 years we have learnt that electricity is the only form of energy that can enable us to safeguard the environment. The sun, water and wind help us to produce clean energy and express our huge respect for the world we have inherited and that we want to pass on to our children.”

The Enel 60 special edition Pink Jersey for the 2022 Giro was designed by Castelli, the renowned brand of cycling clothing, and celebrates the journey that has marked the last century from a sporting and industrial point of view, looking to the future to combine technology and sustainability to ensure the highest quality. The jersey was developed in a wind tunnel to maximize its aerodynamic performance and was created to be both lightweight and breathable, thanks to a fabric that was made from 100% recycled fibers in order to reduce its environmental impact.

The link between the past and the years to come is the concept at the heart of our communication campaign: “60 years of future and energy.” “I think this really sums up our partnership with the Giro d’Italia, the sporting event that is close to local communities, just like Enel,” said Cecilia Ferranti, Head of Communications Italy. And it is thrilling to see how the race has evolved over the decades. It was originally conceived in 1909 as a tour around Italy’s regions, passing right by people’s homes, even in the most remote towns and villages: today it is an internationally renowned sporting event. “The Giro d’Italia is increasingly well known around the world,” added Urbano Cairo, President and CEO of the RCS Media Group, “it is watched in 200 countries by hundreds of thousands of people. And it is a competition that is increasingly exciting because in recent seasons the winner has been decided in the very final stages or even the final stage.”

This electrifying evening was also represented in art form with the evocative lighting installation by the German artist Arthur Duff. It was created specifically for the occasion and projected onto the façade of the MAXXI, a building that was designed by the great late architect Zaha Hadid and inaugurated in 2010. It is a journey of light that will begin in Rome and then spend the next weeks racing from city to city, together with the 105th Giro d’Italia. “The idea is to give energy and recharge cities,” explained the project’s curator Valentina Ciarallo. This is just like the renewable energy that the electrification of consumption is bringing to homes and businesses around Italy.

The journey into the future celebrates its 60th anniversary with a tradition that encompasses the Giro, sport and the country. And it is scheduled to begin on May 6 in Budapest.