Service failures linked to the installation of the new meter will be eliminated
Rome, February 5, 2003 – Enel today met with the associations that make up the National Council of Consumers and Users reaching an agreement to eliminate the service failures experienced by some customers as a result of the installation of the new meter. Accepting the Associations’ proposals and having made the necessary technical verifications, Enel, having informed the Authority for Energy and Gas, established that: 1) given that the 3 kW contract allows unlimited usage up to 3.3 kW, it has been decided to extend the period of “tolerance” from one hour to three, during which the customer can use up to 4 kW. This will allow the simultaneous use of several electrical appliances without interruption. This extension of “tolerance” will be immediate for meters still to be installed. For those already installed, however, it will take about 4 months to make the necessary modifications; 2) technicians recommended by the Associations will participate, together with Enel’s technicians, in the examination of the meters’ functioning, according to the parameters described above, called for customers belonging to those Associations; 3) to create a new two-part tariff, incorporating proposals made by the Associations, for customers with a 3 kW contract (already available to customers with 6 kW contracts) once the Authority for Energy and Gas has established the new “social” tariff and once the system of remote meter reading is operational, expected by the summer. The new two-part tariff will allow users to benefit from a lower tariff at night, on weekends, etc., and will also facilitate a more rational use of energy; 4) to develop an information campaign on the electronic meter, on its usage and advantages, in collaboration with the consumer Associations. Enel and the Associations agree that the dialogue between them and dialogue’s transparency have brought a positive result and one that should satisfy the needs of consumers. The Associations, the service failures brought to their attention by customers having been resolved, recognise the worth of Enel’s electronic meter project because of the many consumer benefits it can provide.

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