Enel’s CEO: “Safety is our key priority: our indices have improved significantly in the recent years, but we will be satisfied only when we achieve our target of zero accidents”.
Opening day event: première of the film by Corso Salani “I casi della vita” (“Events of Life”) screened in Rome at the Parco della Musica Auditorium, featuring testimonials of Enel employees involved in workplace accidents.

Rome, November 8th 2010 – Enel’s Chairman, Piero Gnudi, and the company’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, Fulvio Conti, officially opened today in Rome the 2010 International Safety Week.

As part of this initiative which has now been held for three years in a row, hundreds of events will be organised involving more than 80,000 employees of the Enel Group working in 40 countries worldwide. These events include thematic workshops, film forums dedicated to workplace safety issues, safety walks, opportunities to share best practice and emergency simulations, from building evacuation to fire drills, as well as training events involving our subcontractors, schools, families and local communities.

Enel’s CEO Fulvio Conti said: “Safety is our key priority, we will never give in to the notion that people may injury themselves or even lose their lives working for Enel, doesn’t matter if they are company employees, or subcontractors working for us. In the recent years, thanks to the enormous commitment made by the whole Group, Enel’s safety indices have significantly improved: in the last 5 years we achieved a 65% reduction of frequency and a 44% reduction of gravity indices. But we will only be satisfied when we achieve our target of zero accidents".

The international opening ceremony, held in Rome at the Parco della Musica Auditorium, featured the première of the film by Corso Salani “I casi della vita” (Events of Life), combining fiction with documentary testimonials of Enel employees directly involved in workplace accidents.

The round table on safety moderated by Andrea Purgatori was attended by Samy Gattegno, head of the Confindustria Technical Committee on Safety, Michele Lepore, Professor of Law on job safety at La Sapienza University, Mariella Zezza, Lazio’s Regional Manager for Employment and Training, Paolo Nerozzi, Vice Chairman of Parliamentary Committee of Work-Related Accidents.

The “International Safety Week” initiative has obtained important recognition awards: the “Sodalitas prize 2008”  for the best human capital valorization project and the “Ethics and Business Award 2010” in the “Sustainable development” category.

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