Pilot project in Brazil: Endesa’s subsidiary Coelce installs 100 Enel-“model” digital meters in the area of Fortaleza
Group synergies will promote the development of smart grids also in Latin America.

Rome, Madrid, June 10th, 2011 - Enel, with its Spanish subsidiary Endesa, is developing a pilot remote management project in Brazil, using the same metering technology that Endesa is installing in Spain. The pilot project will be implemented through Coelce, Endesa's electricity distribution subsidiary operating in the State of Cearà, Brazil. Coelce has over 3 million customers and sold more than 8,850 GWh (millions of kWh) of power in 2010. The objective of this ground-breaking pilot project in Latin America is to test the remote management system developed by the Enel Group, which is based on the model already operating in Italy.

The pilot project was launched in Fortaleza through the installation of 100 meters of the model developed by Enel Distribuzione. The project also envisages the installation of concentrators for the data collected by meters in transformer stations and training days for the technicians of local Enel Group distribution companies: Coelce and Ampla in Brazil and Chilectra in Chile. The training will focus on the installation of equipment and the use of the remote management system. Coelce is thus the first Latin American company to use remote management technology for its residential customers.

Brazil is the first country in Latin America to begin developing a regulatory framework for remote management. The Enel-Endesa working group has received official visits of delegations from ANEEL (the local energy authority), the Brazilian Institute of Metrology (Inmetro), and the Governor of the State of Cearà, Cid Gomes, coming both to Spain and Italy to see how the remote management system works for themselves.

The remote management project in Spain involves the installation of a system for the automated remote management of all operations on the distribution network: the first real step towards the creation of smart grids. To this end, Endesa is replacing old analogue metres with new digital metres for all its residential customers with a contractual capacity of up to 15 kW. Endesa plans to install more than 13 million new meters, which are managed remotely from the Operations Centre of Seville, which has been active since October 2010.

Endesa installed its first electronic metres in June 2010 and is the first company in Spain to introduce digital metres on a large scale.

Enel was the first company in the world to introduce the remote management technology of which it remains the world leader: Enel has installed more than 30 million electronic metres in Italy, with considerable benefits both for its customers, who can manage their energy consumption, avoiding peak hours, and for the stability of the power system as a whole.

With this initiative, the Enel Group's ability to share best practices, strengthening synergies between individual companies, has made an important contribution to the development of smart grids in Latin America.

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