The spaces of Red October in central Moscow will host “Enel: energia@mondo” from September 12th to the 28th.
The event is an interactive exhibition on the history of Enel and its operations in Russia.
Electrical innovation for a future Smart Life.
The “Butterfly House” of the artists Bik van der Pol, a previous winner of the Enel Contemporanea Award, now in its sixth edition.

Rome/Moscow, September 12th, 2012 – Enel is also celebrating its 50th anniversary in Russia, opening the Exhibitaly exhibition devoted to Italian excellence in enterprise, sponsored by the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers and the Italian Ministry for Economic Development. Established in 1962 after a historic political debate that led to the nationalisation of 1,300 local power companies to create the energy infrastructure needed to unify Italy and boost development, 50 years later Enel is the largest power company in Italy, but also one of the largest in the world, with an international footprint in 40 countries around the globe, including Russia, where since 2004 it has had an integrated presence across the entire value chain of the country’s power sector.

To celebrate 50 years in business, from September 12th to the 28th, 2012, the Red October site in the centre of Moscow will entertain the public with a double event: visitors will be offered a free visit to both Enel: energia@mondo, an interactive exhibition tracing the history of the Company and its development as energy itself has evolved, and to the “Butterfly House” of the Dutch artists Bik Van der Pol, the winning work at the 2010 edition of Enel Contemporanea, the project sponsored by Enel that each year gives artists of different nationalities an opportunity to create new work of arts (www.enelcontemporanea.com).

For the first time abroad since its highly successful exhibition at the MACRO museum in Rome, “Butterfly House” is loosely inspired by Farnsworth House, the celebrated modernist icon of Mies van der Rohe. Entitled “Are you really sure that a floor can't also be a ceiling?”, a quote from Escher, it is a highly symbolic piece, providing a natural habitat for hundreds of colourful butterflies, in which the artists reflect upon the relationship between humans and nature through butterflies, considered one of the species that are currently most sensitive to climate change. The public is free to access the structure, subject to a limit on the maximum number of visitors at one time so as to safeguard the proper microclimate for butterflies.

On the occasion of the celebrations of the Company’s 50th anniversary, in autumn Enel Contemporanea 2012 will inaugurate a special sixth edition with the creation of a permanent installation in Rome.

Together with the “Butterfly House”, Enel will also be visiting Moscow with Enel: energia@mondo, a fascinating voyage of discovery through the world of energy and its evolution to face the challenges of the coming decades. The event is an interactive exhibition made up of four thematic areas. The first recounts the history and success of Enel in step with the progress of Italy and, subsequently, of the entire world, highlighting the milestones with which electricity drove key social, cultural and economic developments. The second part illustrates the current role of electricity, seeking to improve the quality of life through the social commitment of Enel in the countries in which the Group operates. The third area is devoted to the business of electricity and the most innovative technologies that Enel is already developing for the future: from smart grids to electric mobility and distributed generation solutions. The exhibition concludes with Enel’s presence in Russia: active in the country since 2004, Enel is now its leading international player, with an integrated presence in the energy sector. The Group holds agreements and licenses for natural gas production, while Enel OGK-5 operates 4 thermoelectric plants in various regions of the country, for which it has already begun modernisation and environmental upgrading projects. With Rusenergosbyt, Enel sells electricity to final customers, completing the Group’s comprehensive commitment to supporting energy development in Russia. Visitors to this free exhibition will be invited to explore its contents and enjoy an interactive experience using highly advanced interactive and sensory technologies.

Enel is the largest power company in Italy and one of the leading utilities in the world. Enel is an integrated player in the power and gas sectors. The Group currently operates in 40 countries around the globe, with a net installed capacity of about 98,000 MW, and sells electricity and gas to over 60 million customers.

Moscow, September 12th-28th, 2012
Red October (Krasnyi Oktiabr)
Free admission Monday to Thursday, from 12 to 19, Friday and Saturday from 12 to 24, Sunday from 12 to 22.

Enel: energia@mondo
An interactive exhibition on the history of Enel in Italy and Russia and the evolution of energy

Enel Contemporanea
Bik van der Pol, “Are you really sure that a floor can't also be a ceiling?”

Scientific advisor: Prof. Enzo Moretto
Butterfly Arc: Casa delle Farfalle, Montegrotto Terme – Eseapolis, the Living Insect Museum, Province of Padua
In collaboration with the Moscow Zoo

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