Enel launches Program for innovative and sustainable Supplier Development

  • Under Enel’s “Supplier Development Program”, companies that work with the Group will have access to financial services, managerial training and initiatives for innovation, circular economy and internationalization offered by select partners
  • The program will initially be offered to suppliers in Italy to be then extended to those in other countries where the Group operates


Rome, July 16th, 2020 – Enel has launched its “Supplier Development Program” aimed at supporting the growth of its suppliers and, at the same time, contributing to the achievement of the Groups strategic goals. Through this initiative, Enel intends to make its supply chain more solid, high performing and innovative, promoting the sustainable development of the companies it works with.

The Supplier Development Program was presented today at a webinar, which saw the participation of Stefano Buffagni, Italy’s Deputy Minister of Economic Development; Maurizio Marchesini, Confindustria’s Vice President of Supply Chain and Medium-Sized Enterprises; Francesco Starace, Enel's CEO and General Manager; and Salvatore Bernabei, Enel's Head of Global Procurement.

The program starts in Italy and will be extended to other countries where the Group operates, involving around 300 suppliers that work with Enel X as well as the Infrastructures and Networks and Generation business lines. With the Supplier Development Program, Enel aims to promote the financial and managerial growth of participating companies and to contribute to better cost efficiency, innovation and sustainability, internationalization as well as the expansion of companies’ activities also into other product categories.

“Our suppliers play a crucial role in reaching the targets linked to the energy transition,” said Francesco Starace, CEO and General Manager of Enel. “We are proud to have launched an innovative program that aims to accompany SMEs operating in key sectors for Enel, with dedicated services offered by our selected partners, towards sustainable, technological and skill-related development, making Italian industry once again highly qualified, competitive and innovative.”

"Over the three-year period, the government has allocated 7 billion euros for the digitalization and innovation of Italian companies,” says Stefano Buffagni, Italy’s Deputy Minister for Economic Development. “At the same time, we are opening a dialogue with the business world and stakeholders to better define future measures and to develop policies taking into account different types of businesses. I believe it is necessary to push the innovation of the supply chains to bring digitalization even to the smallest companies that are lagging behind and on which the Government has focused the new incentive plan. Enel's initiative goes exactly in the direction of sustainable development which entails innovation, employment, and setting in motion a virtuous circle that generates added value for the country and quality employment.”

"The compass in industrial policy strategies must be a more integrated model of “doing business” along the supply chain, to make business processes more efficient, increase technical and managerial skills also at a technological level, to ensure the sustainability of investments and to guarantee correct ethical conduct in economic relations,” says Maurizio Marchesini, Confindustria’s Vice President of supply chains and medium-sized enterprises. “Enel's initiative goes precisely in this direction, since, through concrete tools, it aims to support the growth of the supply chain and strengthens the reliability and qualification of its suppliers, periodically measuring their performance.”

The selected companies, which distinguished themselves for their performance and vision in line with the Group’s values, will be able to access a series of services, with advantageous conditions thanks also to the contribution of Enel, offered by partners with whom Enel has signed collaboration agreements. Among these partners, there are the major banks for the supply of financial services, the most important business schools for the offering of training services, the main players for technical training, and consultancy companies that can support Enel suppliers in implementing the processes related to the circular economy, internationalization, M&A operations and open innovation.

Participation in the Supplier Development Program is free and Enel will support companies in identifying the most suitable courses for achieving growth objectives. Program regulations are available on the website https://globalprocurement.enel.com/



Supplier Development Program

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