Enel X and Green Pea: a union under the banner of sustainability

Turin, December 4th, 2020 - Enel X is alongside Green Pea, the first “Green Retail Park” in the world dedicated to the theme of respect for the environment and sustainability, which will open its doors to the public on December 9th, 2020. A center with a green heart of 15,000 square meters on five floors in the area of ​​the former Carpano factory in Turin, where it will be possible to have a completely eco-sustainable shopping experience.

This is therefore a natural union with Enel X, which is acting as the main sponsor within the ambitious Oscar Farinetti project. For the Enel group company, the key words that guide the business are the use of clean energy, the spread of private electric mobility and electric public transport, innovation and sustainability, and circularity: all aimed at creating shared value and making a lifestyle that is in harmony with the environment stable, lasting and widespread, without ever neglecting the enhancement of “Made in Italy” creativity, which Enel X puts at the service of all the countries in which it operates.

Within Green Pea, Enel X will offer an ecosystem of solutions to make every area of ​​our daily reality sustainable: mobility, businesses and urban centers, which are transformed thanks to technological and digital innovation.

"The objective of our presence in Green Pea is to show all citizens how, thanks to Enel X, it is natural to take a step into the future," said Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italy. “In Green Pea we show how sustainability is no longer just a goal to be pursued, but a value that is integrated into every choice we make, capable of changing daily gestures and great works for the better. Circularity, environmental protection and green living are no longer abstract concepts, but concrete solutions to improve all of our lives, every day.”

With electric mobility, in today’s large cities and in small villages it is possible to travel in private cars and electric public transport. Thanks to the Juice family: you can fill up your electric vehicle with clean and safe "fuel" anywhere - at home, on the street, or at the office; illuminate city streets, squares and monuments in an intelligent way, reducing energy consumption and increasing safety also thanks to traffic and air monitoring systems. Solutions to make public transport more efficient and sustainable, with vehicles powered by electricity and canopies for waiting powered by photovoltaic panels, illuminated by LED systems and equipped with safety sensors, tools to convey information on traffic and mobility as well as tools available for Wi-Fi connection and recharging passenger cell phones. Thanks to Enel X, public and private electric vehicles move on a path illuminated by intelligent street lamps capable of varying the intensity of the light based on the time of day and the flow of traffic. Finally, the technological innovation of Vehicle to Grid, which connects vehicles to the electricity grid, brings stability benefits to the entire system. Urban centers are thus transformed into so-called smart cities, which, thanks to Enel X, are no longer futuristic images, but become present: just think of the floor that transforms the kinetic energy of steps into electricity, another innovative solution proposed in Green Pea by Enel X.

Enel X is Enel's global business line dedicated to the development of innovative products and digital solutions in sectors where energy is showing the greatest potential for transformation: cities, homes, industries and electric mobility. The company is a global leader in the advanced energy solution sector, managing services such as demand response for around 6 GW of total capacity at global level and 116 MW of storage capacity installed worldwide, as well as a leading player in the electric mobility sector, with around 140,000 public and private EV charging points made available around the globe. Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of Enel X’s strategy since its inception, with circular economy being the perfect combination of these two elements, applied in many of Enel X’s products and services.


PR Enel X - Green Pea

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