Enel: continues its efforts to mitigate the impact of the state of drought on the Italian territory

Rome, July 12th, 2022 - Given the continuation of the severe and unusual state of drought, Enel, consistent with its role as a sustainable company that is fully-integrated in the territories in which it operates, proceeds with the implementation of all the actions agreed with Italy’s national and local stakeholders with the aim of continuing to release water downstream from the reservoirs in the regions most affected by the prolonged lack of rainfall. The actions put in place aim to make water available to irrigate agricultural land and for the needs of households and businesses.

Enel is in constant contact and works in coordination with all the competent agencies and administrations to address the water emergency and is participating in all the round tables launched in Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna. and Umbria among others.

Specifically, in Lombardy, Enel took an active part in the drought taskforce, which was launched several months ago by the Region and involved the main hydroelectric operators and the electricity system operator Terna, and intervened immediately as soon as the first signs of an emergency became apparent, releasing up to 2.7 million cubic meters of water per day in the basins of the Adda, Brembo, Oglio and Serio rivers, thus helping to ensure the continuation of irrigation activities in the fields and supporting the local economy.


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