Enel launches "Tutto Enel, è Formidabile" campaign to promote new energy solutions for the home

Roma, October 18th, 2023 – Simplifying the lives of its customers with new efficient, sustainable solutions designed for different consumption needs: Enel returns on air from October 15th with the new campaign "Tutto Enel, è Formidabile" to present the range of offers dedicated to families.

The TV commercial, accompanied by the famous song "For me Formidable" by Charles Aznavour, presents a portfolio of energy solutions for the home with a light and familiar tone of voice, highlighting the advantages linked to the offers and explaining the benefits that customers can receive thanks to a single reliable partner. Enel offers energy, solutions for electric mobility, energy efficiency and ultra-fast fiber through three offers:

- Formidabile dual mobilità: includes light, Waybox (home solution for car charging) and up to 10,000 km for free;

- Formidabile fotovoltaico: offers a 3kW dual photovoltaic panel starting from €65 per month for 120 months. Furthermore, by adding the Formidabile Luce offer, customers will receive an annual bill bonus of €100 for two years;

- Formidabile trio: includes electricity, gas and fiber, with an annual bill bonus of up to €400 for two years.

The creative concept of the campaign represents a life context in which three families use Enel's products and services: from energy to Enel Energia’s ultra-fast connection, Enel X Italia’s photovoltaic panels for energy self-production, to Enel X Way Italia’s Waybox home charging stations dedicated to electric mobility. Connecting the scenes of the commercial is the reassuring image of an Enel technician, as a concrete example of closeness to customers, who, dancing to the notes of Aznavour's song, shows the simplicity of using the solutions and technologies offered.



The campaign, on air from October 15th for five weeks, includes planning on TV, press, digital media, videos in train stations and cinema.















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