The second life of our PCs

The second life of our PCs


By making available to new subjects the resources no longer in use, it is possible to avoid unnecessary waste and create a virtuous circle. In terms of sustainability, the reuse of products and materials is a crucial best practice.

At regular intervals, usually every 4 years, the computer equipment of every Enel employee is renewed. PCs, laptops and computer monitors are replaced with more current models. It is an important optimization that ensures quality in the work performance, but also creates an IT asset fleet that must be divested in an intelligent way. In the spirit of shared value creation, Enel has launched a project to donate these assets to primary schools throughout Italy.

We care very much about this project, because it goes to cover the real needs of Italian schools in terms of Information Technology. It is a practical application of our commitment to sustainability and puts us in direct contact with so many subjects - students, parents, schools – thus creating a new opportunity to get closer to people. 


“The new destination, for educational purposes, of computers no longer used by our company becomes an opportunity for the computerisation of schools. It is an initiative consistent with the strategy of Enel, which has placed the environmental, social and economic sustainability at the center of its corporate culture. ”
– Cinzia Corsetti, Head of Sustainability Italy


The project was launched in 2015, first with a feasibility study, then through a contest held in March 2016 in Verona with nine primary schools, for a total of 400 students and 153 works produced. Children were invited to produce drawings on the theme "The energy in all its forms". All drawings collected were exhibited in Verona’s Spazio Enel and rated by customers who visited the store. An impartial jury that greatly appreciated the young pupils ‘creativity and expressiveness!

The first edition was received enthusiastically and we plan to carry forward the project in the following two years. In addition to the cooperation by Enel Energia’s management, Enel's ICT department played a remarkable part, working to optimise hardware and software, so to ensure that schools would receive efficient tools.

We look forward to the next edition: giving a second life to our PCs also means giving an opportunity to new generations.