Truly Open Power

Truly Open Power


Generating and distributing more affordable, innovative and sustainable energy is our way to create value and share it with the community.

Our hydroelectric, wind, thermal, geothermal and photovoltaic power plants are the places where this value takes shape. In these "energy factories", at the center of daily activities is the ongoing relationship we have with the local communities that host them: plants are built to last for decades, thus becoming a factor of social and economic development for everyone.

A constant, constructive and above all transparent dialogue to represent all aspects of our work is critical to nourish the long-term relationship that is created.

Openness is at the core of our strategic and operational approach.


“The openness process that we define Open Power positions us as an innovative and sustainable Group that works to spread and expand the technological content of its activities, ensuring energy security and improving our services globally. Open Power means enhancing our infrastructure by sharing knowledge, so to widen the opportunities of its usage, and creating a favorable environment for all.”

– Francesco Starace, Enel CEO and General Manager

During Centrali Aperte, power plants become meeting places where we can show how we run operations and describe the energy path, illustrate our great technological heritage and raise awareness of our environmental protection projects.

The plants are also home to info desks, where visitors can learn and discover all the opportunities to make their homes more efficient, from photovoltaics to LED lamps and electric bicycles. At Centrali Aperte, people can share their energy, thanks to special areas where professionals, artists, entrepreneurs and local producers have the opportunity to showcase their skills and exhibit their work. 

Centrali Aperte means interaction and sharing. Truly Open Power.