The importance of participating

The importance of participating


Committing always and anyhow and giving the utmost to achieve a result, because the factors that count are participation, commitment and determination.

Believing in teamwork and in the strength of people, trusting them and being convinced that everyone is important in their own role. Listening to understand, because help can come from where you least expect and anytime.

Sharing experiences and not stopping in front of difficulties, because a challenge is always a great opportunity.

Using innovation to improve technique and performance, and movement to transform energy into something greater: in a process of constant evolution, searching for the best.

Sport is all this, and these values are shared by Enel: for the same reasons our worlds, apparently so different, often meet.

Since 2016 we are the official sponsor of the Pink Jersey of the Giro d'Italia – the famous bicycle competition and of the Marathon of the Dolomites, one of the most important event for bicycle amateurs in Europe.

Two journeys to discover and rediscover, based on common values: the great effort, the great tension and the great focus on the environment.

Since always, the energy of people is the one we prefer.