The beauty of the 101

The beauty of the 101


How many ways can we describe the Giro d'Italia, the most popular sports event in our nation’s history? By reporting what its protagonists get up to day by day? Yes, of course. But also by remembering that this marvellous caravan of emotions and sentiments has proved a formidable method of bringing people together, getting them involved since its inception.

Its 109-year history and 100 editions encapsulate the very history of Italy itself, revived and retraced by the participants on every outing, reworking a word - network – which didn’t even exist when three crazy Steve Jobs-style visionaries decided to invent it.

Deep down, the Giro and Enel, which has proudly flanked this pink beast for three years now, have one thing in common: both in their own ways have helped not just unite but also “enlighten” Italy.

Enjoy the Pink, Italy!