Enel and the new generation of Formula E

Enel and the new generation of Formula E


Enel has confirmed and strengthened its commitment. On the eve of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship debut in Rome, Enel renewed the partnership for a further five years, becoming Official Smart Charging Partner and Official Power Partner of the competition for electric single-seaters. From 2019, Enel will supply the technology, products and services for the charging of second generation e-cars. Thanks to batteries with an increased storage capacity, the new cars will be able to complete the circuit without having to stop and change vehicle as they do today.

At the presentation of the new partnership, Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X, the Enel division dedicated to innovative products and digital solutions, explained that “We are going from the backstage, where we assisted Formula E in the management of energy charging, to the front of the stage where we will help Formula E charge the cars.”

The new Enel Superchargers will have a capacity of 80 kW to ensure that the new batteries are fully charged within the times laid out in the technical rules, and a greatly reduced weight (less than 200 kg) to allow for ease of movement from one race to another.


“The ABB FIA Formula E Championship aims to overcome the limits in the field of electrification, with the help of Enel and its fast-charging technology, which is helping us to bring innovation on a global level with a long-lasting effect”

– Alejandro Agag, founder and CEO of Formula E

Ryan O’Keeffe, Enel Director of Communications, recalled the direction taken with Open Power, Enel’s new strategic vision launched in 2015, “which aimed at developing a new business model. In 2016, we announced the establishment of a new division, headed by Francesco Venturini, and in 2017 we launched the new brand for this business line, Enel X. This strategy makes the importance of the partnership with Formula E increasingly clear and we are now renewing it for five years.”

Venturini sees the renewal of the partnership as another step forward for Enel’s activities in the field of electric mobility.


“Thanks to the charging technology and the Enel Superchargers, the new cars will be more efficient and their batteries will have a better storage capacity, meaning they can race for the entire circuit at every E-Prix. The collaboration between Enel and Formula E confirms once again the Group’s intention to promote the development of electric mobility on a global scale”

– Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X


Venturini explained that motorsports today are investing in the switch to electricity, along with cars, motorcycles and boats: “this is an excellent sign: motorsports are making this switch because research often originates in the racing world. There is clearly an evolution taking place and we’ve seen the curve grow ever steeper in the past three years. We are delighted that this is happening and that we set off on this path early on.”

The engagement with Formula E is very strong - added O’Keeffe – the rebranding of Enel was launched in the same time span as the partnership with Formula E: it is a collaboration that has helped us greatly in sharing the story of what Enel is doing for electric mobility, and also for smart grid and renewable source energy. Electric mobility is a phenomenon that will grow increasingly rapidly. It is important that Enel is at the centre of this movement and our partnership with Formula E allows us to be present, not only as a brand, but also at the industrial and commercial level.”

A taste of the new generation Formula E could be found at the Enel stand in the Allianz Village at the Rome Grand Prix which showcased the new Superchargers and the innovative electric single-seater that was presented at the International Geneva Motor Show last month. It’s destined to be next season’s star.


The capital of electric speed 

Saturday 14 April, for the first time Rome welcomed the 20 electric single-seaters for the eighth race in the Formula E series.

Eschewing the ancient monuments and the baroque squares, the setting for the event was the EUR district, a masterpiece of 20th century rationalist architecture and the perfect backdrop for the silent hum of electric engines.

Enel brought its innovative technology to Rome too, “feeding” the E-Prix with certified renewable source electric energy.

The ABB FIA Formula E was a great opportunity to show the enormous potential of electric mobility. This is why Enel installed four Fast Recharge stations in EUR, equipped with free Wi-Fi hotspots, for electric mobility users after the race. These stations are part of the EVA+ (Electric Vehicles Arteries) project, co-financed by the European Union Commission and coordinated by Enel alongside prominent car builders (BMW, Nissan, Renault, Volkswagen), which will see the installation of 200 fast charging stations along the motorway routes of Italy and Austria. The four new Fast charging stations add to the 120+ charging columns already present in the capital and mark the first in the National Plan for the recharging infrastructure launched by Enel.

Enel was also present in the eVillage with an area dedicated to electric mobility. At the Enel stand, all the available solutions for electric mobility were on show: from the new Superchargers, to the Fast–Recharge stations which can fully recharge in just 20 minutes, the new Pole-Stations for urban areas and the Wall-boxes for domestic charging. Visitors could also see the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology in action: this links the use of the batteries of the electric cars to the stabilisation of the grid by connecting vehicles to the specific station which regulates energy flows.

There was also a preview of Juice-Roll, the fast portable charger which, from 2019, will charge the electric motorcycles competing in the first FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, where Enel is Title Sponsor.

From Formula E to Moto E: Enel is increasingly becoming a testimonial for a sustainable future in sport.