An all-in-one App

An all-in-one App


It’s simple, practical and intuitive. Above all, it’s unique. On 2 May 2018 we launched the X Recharge App in Italy, thereby introducing a service that enables all types of client to recharge their e-car at public and domestic Enel X charging stations, without requiring any other equipment.

The App is free, and is available at Android and iOS stores. It is intended to suit three client profiles:

  • Private: consumer clients who can choose the tariff plan and payment method that best suit their consumption pattern (pay-per-use or flat)
  • Corporate: company employees who can recharge by inserting a corporate code into the App, with the costs being borne by the company
  • Car company: clients who have bought an e-car from a car company in partnership with Enel X and benefit from a dedicated charging tariff plan.


The X Recharge App offers all the functions needed for charging in a single instrument. The map included in the App makes it possible to locate all public charging stations, whether they be Enel X stations or those associated with other companies with which we have close interoperability agreements. These agreements mean that our clients will be able to access an expanding network of charging sites in Italy and abroad. Over 2,000 charging points are currently active in Italy. 

The X Recharge App is user-friendly. Simply touch the display to book the outlet, launch the charging process and interrupt it. The available outlets are indicated in green, with red for outlets that have already been booked or are being used by other e-car drivers. Charging stations are within easy reach, thanks to the integration of the Enel X App with the maps, on both Android and Apple platforms. When charging is complete, or at any other moment, clients can check the length of the charging session and the energy consumed in kWh. As we said, it’s all very simple and intuitive.

The App’s distinctive feature is the ability to launch and monitor charging operations from the Enel X Wallbox by activating the domestic profile on the App. It’s also possible to launch a domestic charging session in advance, configuring the duration of the session and obtaining information in real time on the state of the operation, optimising it on the basis of the domestic solar power plant production, if applicable. X Recharge means users can consult and integrate their home and external consumption histories. All within the same App. The Wallbox is an example of an intelligent charging solution, because it will soon be able to adjust its power output on the basis of hourly electricity costs. 

The Enel X Recharge App is constantly evolving – an update is released every month to enhance usability and add new functions. These are developed in response to comments made by clients, either to call centres or on social networks. Their feedback is essential.