What’s your power? Sustainable energy

What’s your power? Sustainable energy


What’s your power? Each one of us has potential that can be expressed. Each one of us can make choices that are sustainable and opt to take the pathway to change.

Enel’s new multi-business campaign refreshes the communication format launched in 2018 that laid the foundations for a new relationship between the company and people. The central characteristic of What’s your power? is a solid narrative versatility that emphasises the energy of Enel and of every person who harnesses the ability to create, share and build their lives to express themselves.

The new video, on air in Italy from 14 October, opens with a question: “Is your energy leading you to a more sustainable world?”. The campaign, created like the previous one by Saatchi & Saatchi, and integrated across digital media, billboard, print and film, focuses on one of our guiding values, sustainability. It provides concrete examples of the key projects that demonstrate Enel’s daily commitment to environmental protection, the company’s relationship with its clients, investment in innovation, harnessing the power of technology and the development of renewables.

The projects range from the Enel X solutions for: e-mobility, with the development of a charging network, both private and public, to provide increasingly comprehensive coverage, smart home technologies for more efficient energy management in daily life, involving innovative methods to integrate energy produced from renewable sources, for example from Enel Green Power’s various production facilities, and, last but not least, smart grids to make our cities ever more efficient, resilient and connected.

The campaign is aimed directly at the energy market’s new protagonist – the customer, whose engagement is immediately elicited with a direct question that establishes a personal dialogue with Enel: What’s your power?

As the video states, we have brought “the power of natureinnovation and technology to everyday life”. Every day we work for a better future, investing in renewable sourcesdigitalisation and the development of technology and advanced energy efficient services.

Today, the Enel Group is not only much more than a simple utility, it is also increasingly focussed on the potential of electricity, including: solutions to optimise consumption for different requirements, e-mobility solutions through innovative charging facilities, public and artistic lighting systems, smart agriculture, smart networks, and participatory energy management services such as demand response.

This sustainable business strategy creates value, not only for the environment, but also from a social and economic perspective thanks to the decision to align the Group’s projects with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a move that has established Enel’s competitiveness and forward-thinking leadership in both the financial community and the markets.