A new energy that connects everything

A new energy that connects everything

What is sustainability? There have been innumerable attempts to provide a satisfactory definition of this term, introduced in 1972 by the United Nations Conference on the Environment.

For us sustainability is the driving force leading us towards a new development model that ensures nobody is left behind.

A path which makes sustainability, along with innovation and Open Power, a key strategic value across all our businesses.

We revolutionised our growth model in 2015, committing ourselves to contributing to the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which today represent the only possible path for moving towards a new model capable of generating shared value for everyone.

Every single day we work towards accelerating a just energy transition, investing in renewable energy sources, electrification, electric mobility and in the digitalisation of services and infrastructure.

The centrality of people is crucial in our strategy. We are close to the local areas and communities in which we operate and we want to improve the future of our cities by making them more inclusive, circular and resilient. 

Our sustainable approach aims to build a world that creates new connections between the environment, people, communities, assets and services.

Follow #connettilatuaenergia and connect your energy for a sustainable future.

Connect your energy for a sustainable future with renewables

Together with Enel Green Power we are leading the way in the energy transition. We are working globally to produce energy from renewable sources: the power of wind and water, the heat of the sun and the earth. Thanks to clean energies, not only are we tackling the challenges of climate change, we are also developing shared value for the communities within which we operate. Making clean energy accessible for everybody is our chosen direction for a sustainable future.

Connect your energy for a sustainable future with electric mobility

Together with Enel X we are developing innovative, sustainable technologies, simplifying the complexities through new uses of energy.

Electric mobility, for example, is revolutionising the way we move around, improving air quality, people's health and city life. We have launched a national plan to install public recharging infrastructure in every region of Italy and we are implementing new solutions to make recharging simpler and quicker.

Connect your energy for a sustainable future with tailor-made solutions for families and companies

Together with Enel Energia for the free market we are offering tailor-made solutions for the home and for companies, focussing on energy efficiency and saving, and on supplying energy from renewable sources. We bring our clients' ideas to life with flexible solutions designed around their needs. Thanks to smart services such as our app, we have made meter reading, consumption control and bill payments much easier. With our energy we put people at the heart of everything we do.

Connect your energy with the circular economy

A development model that combines competitiveness and environmental sustainability through innovation. We have placed the circular economy at the centre of our strategy because it represents a practical solution for achieving long-term sustainable growth. And we have applied this model to all of our business lines and throughout the value chain, rethinking the way we use raw materials and energy: from the design phase to production, final use and the management of so-called “waste.”

From the outset renewable plants, infrastructure, innovative products and services for people are designed according to a circular vision, applying rigorous criteria and opening up to collaboration with partners from different production chains.

Connect your energy for a sustainable future with culture and sport

Sustainability is also about the ability to be close to the communities in which we operate. Through culture and sport we are cultivating values such as respect for the environment, building strong ties with the local area, passion for art and literature, and pride in Made in Italy. We are one of the private founding partners of the Teatro alla Scala, of MAXXI (National Museum of 21st Century Art) and of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, as well as a sponsor of the Rimini Meeting and the Milanesiana. We have been the official sponsors of the Maglia Rosa (Pink Jersey) in the Giro d’Italia for four years, we are supporting the Cortina 2021 Alpine World Ski Championships and, together with Enel X, we are partners of Moto E and the ABB FIA Formula E World Championships.