Giro 103, the power of the Maglia Rosa colors the nation

Giro 103, the power of the Maglia Rosa colors the nation


The 103rd Giro d’Italia arrived in Milan in a semi-deserted Piazza Duomo that was, nonetheless, overflowing with pink. During the final time trial that began in Cernusco sul Naviglio, British rider Tao Geoghegan Hart earned the “Maglia Rosa” (“Pink Jersey”) by seizing it from the grasp of Australian Jai Hindley. The contest went right down to the wire and concluded an extraordinary edition of the Giro d’Italia that, in spite of the challenges and restrictions this year, provided innumerable thrills.

On stage beneath the Duomo Cathedral’s Madonnina, the British cyclist was awarded his prize by our Group’s Chairman, Michele Crisostomo.

This year’s Giro was certainly different in that it had to deal with the consequences of the health emergency. Following the postponement of the event, which had been due to start in May, the race returned with renewed determination as it crossed the country in the autumn. The pink convoy then passed through some unusual settings, showcasing determination, discipline and a desire to never give up, an example followed by many Italians who, each in their own way, in these months have worn the “Maglia Rosa” together with the riders.

Voices Outside the Giro

In this spirit, and in order to tell the story of this year’s edition of the Giro, we traveled all over the country following in the wake of the Pink Race from South to North, giving expression to the energy of the people with “Voci fuori dal Giro” (“Voices Outside the Giro”). It features men and women who, from the saddles of their bicycles, told us the stories of their local areas, their values and the power to keep going, to keep pedaling. In Sicily we saw the courage of Antonella, in Calabria the sense of responsibility of Aurelio, in Puglia the passion of Lino, while Silvio’s teamwork took us to Abruzzo, we saw the belief of Annachiara in Veneto, Renato showed us a spirit of unity and Friuli, then returning to the Dolomites and Trentino we enjoyed the memories of Alessandra and, concluding in Lombardy, Norma expressed her hope to see the warmth of the Giro return in 2021.

Indeed, the 103rd edition is the story of the Giro d’Italia: the fatigue of the climbs, the dangers of going too fast on the descents, plus an endless dialogue with the beauty of the landscapes and the passion of the people trying to overcome their limits and move forward, each one of them wearing the Pink Jersey. #LaTuaMagliaRosa