#SiamoEnel Scouters of talent

Scouters of talent


Enel is Open Power: open, global and highly innovative. The company started life in Italy and now operates in 29 countries across 5 continents, with over 70 million end users.

Working for Enel means being part of a large group that brings together different cultures, experiences and solutions every day. We want sustainability and innovation to apply to everything we do. To achieve this, we are looking for people with the right attitude; individuals who are proactive, inquisitive and energetic.

We provide a stimulating work environment in which people are valued and helped to develop both professionally and personally. We are at the heart of the changes taking place in the energy sector and face new challenges every day – from the deregulation of the energy market in Italy to the goal of achieving carbon-free production. Our work follows a clear strategy: we want to be sustainable today so we can be competitive tomorrow.

To achieve all this, we are looking for talented people to whom we can offer security and the prospect of building an exciting future together. Renewable energy, smart grids, electric vehicles and home automation are just some of the areas in which we are focusing our attention and investment. These are hi-tech and specialist fields of research, where the company and its people can work as a team to reach their goals together.

But Enel’s employees do not just enjoy stimulating projects and opportunities for development. Here we pay attention to everything that helps make work a satisfying part of your life. We prioritise respectdiversity and inclusiveness, and have policies that protect people and their families.

Safety at work is crucial and we have set ourselves the goal of eliminating accidents altogether. To this end we have launched numerous projects, including ‘Sei Mesi in Safety’ (Six Months in Safety) – a programme for graduate new recruits working in technical departments. It comprises both classroom teaching and on-the-job training.

Choose Enel if you want to grow, be valued, innovate and help to create shared value with communities and citizens. Whether in Italy or abroad, working for Enel is always an opportunity.