“Energie per Crescere” (Energy for Growth): a bridge between training and the world of work

“Energie per Crescere” (Energy for Growth): a bridge between training and the world of work


Hand in hand with the ongoing energy transition, Italy is experiencing a transformation in terms of increasing efficiency and digitalization. This change comes, first and foremost, from a smarter electric grid, that requires new professional roles with specific training.

Creating a pool of skilled technicians in operational roles in order to meet this need is the goal of Energy for Growth with #EnelOpenSchool. We launched the program in collaboration with the ELIS training organization with the aim of creating concrete job opportunities for the next generation at our partner companies.

Energy for Growth represents a bridge between training and the working world through specific programs designed to meet the needs of businesses that work with us nationwide, thus not only accelerating the energy transition but also giving Italy an economic boost.

Thanks to Energy for Growth, you can:

  • Prepare yourself for the working world through a high-quality training program, in just 5 weeks.
  • Find immediate career opportunities in a constantly evolving sector, directly with our partner companies.
  • Become an active part of the energy transition and contribute firsthand to the fundamental process our country is undergoing.

How the program works

The tasks of selecting, training and identifying career paths will be coordinated by ELIS, an organization that has been training people and launching them in professional careers for over 50 years. The selected candidates will take a free 5-week (200 hour) course with both theoretical and practical training at specific Accredia-certified institutes located across Italy, including ELIS, Heading, Agorà, Fasten, Assimpianti, Ecotech, CM Servizi, New Tecna, Dharma, Formamente and APP Energia.

The courses are free of charge and include an 800-euro reimbursement for expenses. After the training, participants can be hired by one of our partner companies with a fixed-term contract.

Some of the largest employment agencies in Italy will be handling the staffing requests for companies participating in the program, including Gi Group, Manpower, Openjobmetis, Orienta, Synergie, Randstad, FMTS, Adecco and Umana. The nationwide scope allows candidates to evaluate the proposed location of employment before beginning the training course.

Do you want to become part of the #EnelOpenSchool community and have a role in the energy transition? Apply now.


Energy for Growth Grids

First and foremost, the energy transition will pass through a smart, resilient and digital infrastructure. For this reason, with our Energy for Growth Grids program, along with ELIS we are creating career opportunities for 5,500 specialized technicians by 2023 who can be hired by our partner companies with a fixed-term contract of 6 months or longer.

A year from the launch of the project, more than 12,000 applications have been received. Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Country Italy, points out that this number “...demonstrates the success of the initiative and confirms that an increasing number of young people see this program as an opportunity to build and strengthen their skills.” New generations can therefore play a leading role in an important transformation, which begins with a more efficient management of electric grids.

The roles

There are four specific operational roles covered by the Energy for Growth Grids:

  • Cable puller: responsible for the assembly and maintenance of overhead power distribution lines (medium and low voltage) in bare conductors and insulated cables;

  • Cable splicer: in charge of making splices and terminations on overhead and underground cables (medium and low voltage);

  • Secondary substation and PMT fitter: responsible for the electromechanical mounting of secondary substations, PMTs (Pole-Mounted Transformers) and pole disconnectors; 

  • LV live operator: in charge of utility management activities (end customer management) on power outlets and metering units, i.e. the management of electronic meters (installation, substitution, removal and programming) that requires both technical expertise and soft skills as well as an aptitude for dealing with customers. This role also involves activities on low voltage concentrators at substations and (PMTs) pole-mounted transformers.

Each of these roles uses specific instruments to perform all of the activities necessary for operating in complete safety on site.



The requirements needed to apply for the electric grids program are a secondary school diploma or professional qualification in the field of electricity, electronics or technology. The appeal is intended specifically for unemployed or unoccupied with a good aptitude for on-site and outdoor work who want to train in operational roles.


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