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Project name: Slovenia – Italy interconnections between Dekani (SI) and Zaule (IT) and between Redipuglia (IT) and Vrtojba (SI).

Project promoter: Adria Link S.r.l., an Italian company headquartered in Gorizia, in partnership with two Slovenian companies.


Project description

The projects concern a 110 kV A.C. underground cable between Italy and Slovenia, each with about 150 MW of nominal capacity and a Phase Shift Transformer (PST) located in Italy. The Dekani-Zaule cross-border interconnection will span approximately 7 km on the Italian side and 4 km on the Slovenian side, while the Redipuglia-Vrtojba interconnection will be developed for approximately 20 km in Italy and for 2.5 km in Slovenia.

The projects are being developed within the framework of European Regulation 943/2019 which enables private enterprises to build new electrical interconnection lines and to use the new capacity in order to enhance the competitiveness of the European energy markets and to increase cross-border capacity among Member Countries.

In energy terms, these interconnections will make it possible to increase grid transfer capacity by 150 MW each. This will have a positive impact both on electricity generation from renewable sources and on the competitiveness of the European energy markets. The cost of the investment will be borne by the project promoter and there will be no additional costs for end users. Once the lines enter into service, they will become part of the national transmission grids and will help bring about market integration.

In Italy, the projects have obtained the Single Authorization relating to the construction and operation of the lines. These authorizations were issued by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia respectively in 2010 (Dekani-Zaule) and in 2011 (Redipuglia-Vrtojba).

In Slovenia, the projects obtained all the construction authorizations: the Redipuglia-Vrtojba project in January 2019 and the Dekani-Zaule Project in April 2019.

In 2013 Adria Link and its partners submitted the Exemption request under Reg. EU/943/2019 to the national regulatory authorities (NRAs) both in Italy and Slovenia and in 2014 the Exemption Decision by the European Commission was obtained.

The projects are included in the TYNDP 2022 of ENTSO-E.

The main benefits of the projects are:

  • Enhanced security of supply and integration within Europe, thanks to the new transit capacity of the Adria Link interconnections;
  • Improved quality, safety and reliability of the interconnected electricity systems, by reducing the risk of congestion and power surges;
  • Integration of renewables and accommodation of flows;
  • Access to energy with lower prices and increase in the use of more efficient production. This will have a positive impact on energy prices.


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The approach to ethics

Adria Link S.r.l. underlines the importance of spreading a corporate culture inspired by principles of fairness and transparency in pursuing the corporate purpose and related activities, including those of its partners. This also because Adria Link S.r.l. pays the utmost attention to operating in conformity with the laws and the compliance principles that it has adopted. All of its partners are therefore called upon to operate with integrity in all aspects of their activities. In this regard, reference is made to the Organization, Management and Control Model ex D.Lgs. 231/2001.


Organization, Management and Control Model ex D.Lgs. 231/2001

Adria Link S.r.l. has adopted and constantly updates and implements an Organization, Management and Control Model ex D.Lgs. 231/2001. The organization and management model adopted by Adria Link consists of a "General Section" and single "Special Sections" regarding the different kinds of crimes and administrative infractions that must be prevented and it can be consulted in the dedicated section below. The model was recently updated by resolution of the Board of Directors of Adria Link on March 7, 2022. It takes into account the applicable regulations and the guidelines drawn up by the relevant sector associations. This is in order to guarantee the regular functioning of corporate activity, in compliance with the applicable legislation.


The Code of Ethics and Zero Tolerance of Corruption Plan

Other documents of pivotal importance in the company's compliance system include the Code of Ethics and Zero Tolerance of Corruption Plan. These documents outline the commitments and ethical responsibilities in the conduct of business and corporate activities adopted by Adria Link S.r.l.



Any violations of the principles and rules referred to in the aforementioned documents and/or any other useful information in this regard may be reported in accordance with section 5.8 of the General Section of the organization and management model ex D.Lgs. 231/2001 through the following channels:

  1. Email:, access to which is reserved to the Supervisory Board; or
  2. Ordinary postal address: Via Buonarroti 10, 34170, Gorizia (Italy), with the wording "reserved and confidential", to the attention of the Supervisory Body of Adria Link S.r.l.


Organizational model under Law-Decree 231/2001 - Documents: