Distretto Italia: together we become the future

Distretto Italia: together we become the future


To orient, train and insert into the working world more than 10,000 young people. This is the goal of Distretto Italia, an ambitious project which includes the participation of more than 45 large Italian companies and is led by the training organization ELIS and launched on April 13 at the Spring CEO Meeting. A true community, made up of young people, businesses and training centers that come together to support the next generation in achieving their occupational goals.

As a Group, we know that the energy transition requires the involvement of a new generation of professionals, capable of understanding and facilitating this profound technological and digital transformation. Which is why we have joined Distretto Italia, an initiative that aims to promote new job opportunities among young people and to train them in the technical and specialized skill sets that Italy will increasingly need while at the same time countering the NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) phenomenon.

An ecosystem of training and growth 

Distretto Italia wants to spread among young people a new awareness of the opportunities offered by technical-specialist professions: professions that, on the one hand, ensure wide margins of job and economic security, and on the other, are fundamental to the development of the Italian System.

A new model of proactive collaboration between schools, universities, employment agencies and companies, designed to identify, on the one hand, the employment needs of companies in terms of professionalism and skills, and on the other to respond to these needs through orientation and training activities that accompany young people in finding and pursuing their vocation - also thanks to the support of member companies, which will guarantee them immediate access to the world of work.

A nationwide project with cross-cutting benefits

Distretto Italia is a project with three main lines of intervention - involving companies, schools, and universities - with the aim of reaching young people mainly included in the 16-30 age group. 

  • Scuola dei Mestieri: Based on the occupational needs indicated by companies in a direct comparison with ELIS, Distretto Italia identifies Employment Agencies, Training Centers, and Higher Technical Institutes (ITS) where to organize paths aimed at the acquisition of skills.  The professional skills and specializations at the center of these training paths are identified on the basis of companies' needs and are provided with the use of available public funds, foundation calls and contributions made available by the companies themselves, in the form of scholarships.


  • Scuola per la Scuola: Again starting from the analysis of the employment needs that emerged from the discussion with companies, Distretto Italia programs orientation activities declined in PCTOs (Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation). Dedicated to middle school students, PCTOs include lessons in collaboration with schools and universities, and in parallel offer in-company orientation experiences: real paths in companies, to discover new trades and the many sectors in which they can be practiced. To this end, Distretto Italia favors pathways that integrate several companies interested in the same professional figure into a single PCTO: a way through which students can acquire a more complete knowledge of the relevant job sector, experiencing firsthand the wide opportunities offered by a career in the technical-specialist field.


  • Officine Futuro: To support young people in discovering their vocation, Distretto Italia has established a series of targeted and innovative orientation activities dedicated to teachers and parents. A confrontation from which arise specific training programs aimed at personnel working in the school system, whose support is indispensable in orienting students toward the most appropriate course of specialization, and dissemination and information initiatives that aim to transmit the values and aims of Distretto Italia to families, which are an indispensable support for the professional and personal growth of young people.


A project of value, and of values

Distretto Italia represents a virtuous model capable of linking students, schools, universities, training centers and companies: a community from whose synergy of intentions the professionals Italy needs will be born.

And it will do so by conveying values in which our Group fully mirrors itself: Orientation, because work is a necessity, but also a choice and a vocation; Training, because only through the transmission of skills that are in short supply today can Italy's growth be revived; Work and Identity, because training rests on the active participation of more than 30 large companies, ready to share experiences and opportunities, in a perspective of inclusion that aims to encourage direct inclusion in the professional sphere.