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Developers of knowledge


Re-Generation: a program that promotes continuing education and social inclusion

Our Group’s strategies include scientific and technological progress, which have always been fundamental elements of sustainable development. But it’s impossible to bring about progress without the important advantage provided by the human factor. This is why we want to create a work environment that welcomes and makes the most of the contribution of people of all ages – because supporting the sharing and exchange of ideas and skills makes for a rich shared legacy, which can be drawn on to find new tools and ways to innovate. 

This is exactly why we aim to make our company ever more inclusive. In 2021, we launched Re-Generation in collaboration with Università Telematica Internazionale Uninettuno. This free program is meant especially for our colleagues over the age of 45 who have the opportunity to update their skills and earn credits toward a university degree.

In an industry like ours that is always evolving, where versatile, cutting-edge skills are necessary,  Re-Generation is the perfect way to fight ageism, or age discrimination, and provide a wealth of new knowledge and skills that are crucial in an increasingly technological and digital job market.


Re-Generation offers a Short Learning Program: university courses that are short in duration (8-10 weeks) focused on topics like IT, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence. They can be completed on a flexible, personalized schedule, allowing those taking the courses to easily balance their work commitments and studies.  

Actually, the courses can be taken online, and they’ve been designed to provide additional professional experience, offering new ideas, expertise and soft skills on topics that are important in this modern world – the digital economy, data analysis, business innovation management, digital marketing, the circular economy, and industry 4.0. 

In 2021, this rich program full of inspiring topics had about 1,400 participants, and was expanded in 2022 with an increased number of Short Learning Programs (from 13 to 21), including the introduction of the new subject of cyber psychology – with a special focus on artificial intelligence, data science and social media. The idea is to provide new tools for making the most of the opportunities offered by new technologies and being able to use these tools properly with a sense of awareness, and via a more inclusive language.  

With Re-Generation, we want to take on the latest topics by bringing together the experience and knowledge of different generations, providing opportunities for discussion and debate.  This will allow us to enrich the professional expertise and experience of the entire Group, making our work environment ever more innovative, stimulating and inclusive, while, at the same time, offering a wonderful learning opportunity for our colleagues who want to continue or finish their education. We believe that offering inspiring continuous learning opportunities will lead to collective, long-lasting growth for our Group and all of society.