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A new transition: transforming energy to grow our country

Investments 2021-2023 Strategic Plan

Our customers at the center

In order to respond effectively to the evolution of this scenario, we are developing an integrated ecosystem of services and products that revolves around customers and aims to satisfy all of their needs.

We are doing this by providing new solutions for the supply of energy to families and companies, for home automation, electric mobility and financial services, providing people with the tools to become increasingly informed and active.

In order to simplify the customer’s experience in the free electricity market, Enel Energia provides digital and interactive contact channels, from the App to the Customer Area on enel.it, as well as more traditional ones such as the toll-free number or Spazio Enel with its expert, specialized staff. These quality services have been acknowledged as “Best in Italy – Service Champions 2021” by the highly respected German Quality Institute ITQF.

“The range of our offers promotes lifestyles in line with the values that we represent. Transparency and reliability are the essence of all of our services and, thanks to digital innovation, which is a key element of our strategy, we can combine personalization with sustainability in unique products that benefit people and the environment.”

– Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Italy Market

With Enel X we offer products for energy efficiency, the electrification of consumption and digitalization, from public and artistic lighting to electric mobility, even payment systems. One example of this is Enel X Pay, an online account simple and secure, enabling payments and money transfers in real time, as well as the simple management of all the family’s spending.

The energy transition and the power generation of the future

Beginning in 2015, we transformed our strategy, making a commitment to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that today represent the only route towards a growth capable of generating shared value. Every day we advance further along this path, which has made us the leader in renewables and an active part of the global commitment to a carbon-free future.

Through Enel Green Power we boast a consolidated renewable capacity that is growing constantly: we are accompanying Italy on the road towards the transition, thanks to our operational excellence and a business model based on innovation and sustainability as two fully integrated concepts that form the basis of our every activity.

“When we talk about the future, we can’t avoid discussing challenges that lie ahead, in particular climate change. On this front, some time ago we set ourselves very ambitious goals, i.e., to achieve complete decarbonization by 2050, producing all our energy from renewables and without CO2 emissions. This is also an Italian challenge as the country has set its own ambitious targets that can be achieved if there is a response from the country system, which we as a Group are accompanying towards the energy transition.”

– Luca Solfaroli Camillocci, Head of Global Power Generation Italia

Egp data 30.9.2020

We belong to some of the main national networks, such as Elettricità Futura and the Global Compact Network Italia, that also operate at international level.

We stand alongside the Fondazione ASviS and the signatories and promoters of the Assisi Manifesto which aims to ensure a fair and just transition.

On the topic of innovation, digitalization represents a key enabler for our assets, such as power plants, infrastructure and networks, ultimately benefiting the final client and contributing to the development of new use models for energy.


Electricity is the most efficient, sustainable and competitive energy vector, offering solutions to decarbonize the economy, reduce pollution and boost energy efficiency in transport.

Electric mobility is a highway towards the electrification of all consumption; it is changing the way we travel around, consume and supply energy, improving the air quality and quality of life in our cities. In order to accelerate this change, we have launched a National Plan to install public charging infrastructure throughout Italy and supply services that are increasingly widespread, simple and fast.

Enel X data 24 novembre 2020

Circularity for long-term growth

The circular economy is one of the drivers of our strategy. It’s a model that we are applying to all of our businesses across the entire length of the value chain, rethinking the way in which we use raw materials and energy: from design to production, from usage to the management of assets’ end of life, applying rigorous criteria to measure the circularity levels of every solution that we offer the customer.

“In companies like ours, investments are made only on the basis of sustainability, which permeates all our activities.”

– Massimo Bruno, Head of Sustainability and Institutional Affairs Italy

And, with a circular approach in mind, we have promoted a contest for architects and engineers to provide a new dimension and usability to four power plants located all over the country that will have a key role in driving it towards low-emission electricity generation. The initiative includes the direct involvement of local communities, the same approach which characterizes the Futur-e project that is giving new life to some of our disused thermoelectric power plants and a former mining area.

And, still on the subject of reusing our assets, we have created a company to manage a network of depots for customs logistics. The project involves the transformation of disused spaces and structures at some of our power plants located near strategic sites, such as ports, airports and inland terminals, into depots for logistics and goods transport and storage.

Our bond with communities and local areas

Our approach to sustainability is based on listening and dialogue as tools to interpret the needs of all stakeholders: customers, local communities and, obviously, our staff. We are present throughout the country with our infrastructure and services, with development projects and initiatives, protecting the environment and promoting culture and sport and, through our charitable foundation Enel Cuore, helping society. We are working together to build a more sustainable country and a future fit for people.

In order to stand alongside the local areas and to value the key sectors for our country, such as agriculture and animal rearing, we have launched the “Agricultural System” program. The project serves to promote renewable energies, in particular photovoltaic, and to make the most of agricultural land and forests through eco-sustainable initiatives to regenerate them. The initiative also includes the creation of strategic analyses for energy saving and the digitalization of agricultural companies through sustainable business models, the identification of incentive mechanisms and finance for developing the sector on a regional, national and European scale.

“Community is a wonderful word: it expresses a collectivity that creates within it various relationships and is linked to the concepts of support and coming together.”

– Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italia

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