#EnelItalia, our strength

#EnelItalia, our strength

Our core commitment to the sustainable growth of Italy

At the center of our strategy there is a precise mission: to provide Italy with energy and work every day for the sustainable development and growth of the Country. Today, after more than 60 years, we bring energy to people and communities in some 30 countries and continue to grow, innovate and expand our services to promote new uses of energy and create shared value. Our commitment has made us a global leader of the energy transition and of the development of electrification in terms of innovation and sustainability. Indeed, we are a renewables super major.

This decade will be critical in the fight to reduce the effects of rising global temperatures by fully implementing the Paris Climate Agreement. For this reason we have moved up our goal of Zero Emissions by 10 years, to 2040, as well as set new and more ambitious targets in our 2024-2026 Strategic Plan.

Decarbonization, renewables, electrification, digitalization and a customer-centric approach are the key elements in the route we are pursuing to achieve these targets and implement a just energy transition for everyone.

By 2040 our generation portfolio will be entirely renewable. We will end coal-fired production by 2027, replacing this fuel with green energy sources which we intend to triple by 2030, reaching a worldwide installed capacity of approximately 154 GW.

Our customers at the center

To respond effectively to the evolution of this scenario, we have developed an integrated ecosystem of services and products that places customers at the center in order to meet all their needs.

We are doing this by providing new solutions for the supply of energy to families and companies, for home automation, electric mobility and financial services, providing people with the tools to become increasingly informed and involved.

In order to simplify the customer’s experience, Enel Energia for the free market provides digital and interactive contact channels, from the App to the Customer Area on enel.it, without forgetting more traditional channels such as the free phone number or Spazio Enel with its expert, specialized staff. These quality services have been acknowledged as “Best in Italy – Service Champions 2021” by the highly respected German Quality Institute ITQF.


“People, who are the engine of change, and the team, the factor that is speeding up our business, are the fundamental ingredients for creating value and achieving long-term goals. These two elements, which are flanked by values that represent us and our integrated commercial proposals, are key factors promoting the energy transition for both families and businesses. ”

Manuela Bucciarelli, Head of Market Italy

The energy transition and the power generation of the future

We are working towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that today represent the only path towards a growth capable of generating shared value. We are part of the Global Compact Network Italia, which promotes a more inclusive and sustainable global economy. We stand alongside the Fondazione ASviS and the signatories and promoters of the Assisi Manifesto, which aims to ensure a fair and just transition. We belong to some of the main national networks, such as Elettricità Futura, which represents more than 70% of the electricity consumed in Italy and brings together producers, distributors and utility providers.

Through Enel Green Power we have a consolidated renewable capacity that is constantly increasing. We are accompanying Italy on the road towards the energy transition thanks to operational excellence and a business model based on innovation and sustainability as two fully integrated concepts that form the basis of every activity.

On the topic of innovation, digitalization represents a key enabler for the progress that involves our assets, such as power plants, infrastructure and grids, ultimately benefitting the end customer and contributing to the development of new uses of energy and the grids of the future.


Electricity is the most efficient, sustainable and competitive energy vector, offering solutions for decarbonizing the economy, reducing pollution and boosting energy efficiency. With Enel X, we supply products and services designed to make everyday life simpler and more efficient, from storage to home automation to lighting, with special offers geared towards individuals, businesses and public administrations.

Electric mobility is a highway towards the electrification of all consumption. It is changing the way we get around, as well as consume and supply energy, while improving air quality and life in our cities. To accelerate this change, Enel X Way is working on a national plan for the installation of charging infrastructure throughout Italy, supplying an increasingly widespread, simple and fast public service, besides offering solutions for private individuals.

Circularity for long-term growth

The circular economy is one of the drivers of our strategy. It’s a model that we are applying to all of our businesses across the entire length of the value chain, rethinking the way in which we use raw materials and energy: from design to production, from usage to the management of assets’ end of life, applying rigorous criteria to measure the circularity levels of every solution that we offer the customer.

Our bond with local communities and the territory

Our approach to sustainability is based on listening and dialogue as tools to interpret the needs of all stakeholders including customers, local communities and, of course, our colleagues. We are present throughout the Country with our infrastructure and services and with projects and initiatives focused on development, environmental protection, promoting culture and sport, and helping society, this last specifically through our charitable foundation Enel CuoreTogether we want to build a more sustainable country and a people-friendly future.


“An inclusive leadership aimed at bringing out the best in people through listening, trusting and personal responsibility.”

Aldo Forte, Head of People and Organization Italy

In order to support the territory and enhance Italy’s key sectors, such as agriculture and livestock farming, we recently launched “The Agricultural System” program. The project serves to promote renewable energies, in particular photovoltaic, and to enhance the value of Italian agricultural land and forests with eco-sustainable initiatives to regenerate them. The program also includes the creation of strategic analyses regarding energy conservation and the digitalization of agricultural companies through sustainable business models as well as the identification of incentive and finance mechanisms to develop the sector on a regional, national and European scale.

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