Fondazione ITSEL courses kick off: innovative education for new energy professionals

Technological innovation and digitalization are the drivers behind the energy transition process currently underway. In order to complete this goal, it requires the adequate support of a new generation of professionals whose skills are proving increasingly key to meeting the challenges of the present and the future.

It is within this framework that the role of Higher Technological Institutes (Istituti Tecnologici Superiori - ITS Academy), a school of excellence with high technological specialization", seems even more significant. ITS Academy offers non-university higher education within an experiential training path that is highly geared towards hands-on learning and combines education policies with the needs of the working world. This course facilitates the creation of skilled professionals capable of promptly responding to the technological needs and employment requirements of companies.

The mission of bringing young people closer to the working world and at the same time contributing to the growth and technological progress of society was highlighted on the occasion of the beginning of Fondazione ITSEL – Istituto Tecnico Superiore per l’Energia del Lazio courses for the new two-year program session at the IISS Calamatta campus in Civitavecchia. The course is a training opportunity to which our Group has contributed with the creation of a program aimed at training specialized technicians in the energy field. It follows the previous successful initiative launched in Sardinia in 2022 in collaboration with the ITS Academy in Macomer (NU). 


This is a new educational path that gives young people the tools to start working in the energy sector right away. Spread over two years, with a total of 1,800 hours of training, the program offers a high level of specialization that enables students to take their first steps into the professional world even before they have completed their studies.

During the course, students acquire an in-depth knowledge of the ideas and dynamics that govern the use of energy systems, with the goal of learning how to plan and implement efficiency measures aimed at optimizing the use of energy in a wide range of contexts. These settings include complex industrial facilities, sites dedicated to energy production or storage, public buildings and private residences. The students further hone their skills through internships at ITSEL’s partner companies. Internship-related activities make up about half of the program’s hours, ensuring training provided by industry professionals so that students can integrate the skills they’ve acquired in the classroom with practical experiences.

At the end of the educational program offered by ITSEL, and after passing the final tests, students obtain a “Specialized technician for the management and inspection of energy systems” diploma with a “Specialized technician for sustainable energy systems 4.0” specialization. This is not just a recognition of the skills acquired but also a potential “passport” to access job opportunities offered by booming job markets such as the green sector.

The program’s innovative educational method has also included the direct involvement of a number of former colleagues from our Group. They shared their professional and cultural backgrounds with Fondazione ITSEL, taking an active part in the design and implementation of some of the training modules in order to offer students the chance to develop specialized skills in line with the demands of businesses right from the start.

The effectiveness of Higher Technological Institutes in guaranteeing solid employment prospects is highlighted by INDIRE, the Italian National Institute for Documentation Innovation and Educational Research, whose 2023 report (based on 2021 graduate data) shows that 86.5% of ITS Academy students (a percentage that rises to 88.5% for the energy sector) gain employment within a year of completing their studies. Moreover, the report highlights that as many as 93.6% of graduates gain employment in a field in line with their education.