Play Energy, the energy you learn

Play Energy, the energy you learn


Our primary commitment is to open access to energy to as many people as possible.
This implies not only reaching them and connecting them to an efficient network, but also laying the foundations for awareness on the value of energy.

We want to promote the value of knowledge: it is an asset for everyone, because it transforms ideas, passion and collaboration in energy for the future.

The school is the first place where this transformation takes place: we must exploit all the opportunities we have to spread the concept of a new and more participatory energy, to which everyone can contribute.

PlayEnergy is a project dedicated to the schools in nine of the countries in which we operate. It that allows us to work together with those who will inherit the future.

We have a great responsibility towards future generations and we believe that giving them the necessary knowledge and tools about energy, innovation and sustainability, is the best way to build together a sustainable, innovative and accessible future.

PlayEnergy uses the"Learning by Doing" method and is based on sharing and participation.

Students and teachers can engage in the PlayEnergy training course - or devise a custom version of it - in the classroom and online, to find out about energy and its potential through special kits organized in five sections (At home, Outside, In the city, At the power plant, In the world). On the PlayEnergy website they will find tips, curiosities and constantly updated information; they may also take part in the PlayEnergy Community missions and participate in online contests, where they may win numerous awards by using their creativity to submit new ideas for hi-tech solutions.

PlayEnergy is Open Innovation because it represents the foundation for an engaging and inclusive relationship between our Group and the communities where we operate.

In addition to online activities, we plan classroom meetings with our experts, guided tours to manufacturing facilities, and we involve teachers and students in local initiatives to make sure that our commitment today may represent a better tomorrow for all.

Promoting energy culture, spreading the scientific thought, educating to a conscious use of resources and creating a culture of sustainability: all this equals developing ideas together, so to improve the quality of our life and protect our planet.