Enel and culture on the go

Enel and culture on the go


A series of 16 keynote lectures on board a Frecciarossa 1000 train to think about the challenges of the future on the road.

The initiative “Culture on the go”, conceived and organised by Enel in partnership with Trenitalia (the primary train operator in Italy), was kicked off with two extraordinary speakers - Maurizio Molinari, the editor-in-chief of La Stampa, an Italian daily newspaper, and Felice Perussia, professor of Psychology at the University of Turin. It has been conceived to contribute to the growth of the managers of our Group through advanced training meetings.

The focus of the “lessons”—held on the Executive cars on the Rome/Milan and Milan/Rome lines—are the 4 values that permeate the Open Power philosophy of the Group: Trust, Responsibility, Innovation and Proactivity. These are the values that make up the acronym “TRIP,” covering 16 meetings divided into pairs of contrasting concepts: strategy versus spontaneity, ethics versus profit, digital versus analogue, seriousness versus levity, duty versus pleasure, electric mobility versus conventional mobility, etc.

The outward journey deals with one topic and the return journey the other. On each leg of the trip, a different speaker presents his vision of the topic and then opens a discussion with the participants.

“There are stories, books and cultures that were born on trains; so, we hope that we have created something today,” was Maurizio Molinari’s comment on the format of the initiative at the end of the first lesson on 7 September.


“The meetings are aimed at providing a vision that frames current events historically, but also projecting them to the future”

– Guido Stratta, Head of Human Resources Development at Enel

The training calendar will continue until 14 December, when the pair “selfishness versus generosity” will be addressed. On 4 December, the protagonist will be Enel’s CEO Francesco Starace who will discuss the topic of electric and conventional mobility.

The speakers will include the entrepreneur Santo Versace, the President of Autostrade (the Italian Motorways Company) Fabio Cerchiai, the director of the Harvard Business Review Enrico Sassoon, the TV host Roberto Giacobbo, the former head coach of the Italian Volleyball National Team Berruto Mauro, the sociologist Domenico De Masi and the pollster Nicola Piepoli, President of the homonymous Institute and project consultant, who defines the initiative as “an advanced training course on board a train. A bit more knowledge, a little less indifference; a little more planning of the mind and less problems to solve, for us, the inhabitants of planet Earth, a living planet on which we travel by train.”

“Culture on the go” is the first project by Human L@b, the new “liquid” reality of the Human Resources & Organization professional team, set up with the objective to innovate HR, by means of an ecosystem which is open both internally and externally, with a co-creation approach, to meet the needs and desires of people.