Giro 102: starting from Bologna, a smart city, thanks to Enel X

Giro 102: starting from Bologna, a smart city, thanks to Enel X

The 102nd Giro d’Italia kicked off with a city time trial. The star of the day was Bologna, where the riders competed on an 8.2-kilometre route from the historic old town to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca (the Madonna of San Luca).

Bologna has been given various nicknames over the years: “La Dotta” (“the Learned One”) on account of it being the home of the world’s oldest university; “La Grassa” (“the Fat One”) because of its rich cuisine, and “La Rossa” (“the Red One”) due to its historic redbrick buildings. And yet Bologna blushed pink in homage to the official colour of the Enel-sponsored Giro d’Italia. As a result of our company’s support, Bologna is now also well on the way to becoming an increasingly smart, sustainable city.  

Thanks to a protocol signed in 2018 with our innovative energy services division, Enel X, the final touches are currently being put to the installation of 60 new EV charging stations in the city. This extensive network will help guarantee zero-emission mobility, just like the bicycle, which has long been one of Bologna’s most popular means of transport.

e-mobility is just one of the cornerstones of our partnership with Emilia-Romagna’s capital where Enel X is also implementing a major public lighting modernisation project to lower energy consumption and improve efficiency. The infrastructural upgrading involves streets and roads, parks and historic piazzas, and will see our high-tech LED street lamps being used to enhance the city’s monuments and landmark buildings. Prime examples include the new artistic lighting for the façade of the Basilica di San Francesco (the Basilica of Saint Francis) and the adjacent square, and the restoration of the historic lanterns in the Montagnola Park, which we have also fitted with efficient LED lights.

Smart city solutions were also implemented in Bologna, as Alessio Torelli, Head of Enel X Italy, explains: “This is the first time that cameras with adaptive sensors have been used in Italy. This is an integrated technology system that monitors traffic and adjusts the brightness of street lighting to suit both the former’s levels and weather conditions, with a positive impact on both safety and energy efficiency.”   

Just as the Giro d’Italia traverses the country with a mix of passion, heart and effort, so Enel X works each and every day to help people discover a new way of using energy, transforming cities through sustainable innovation.