Giro d'Italia

The energy of the Giro d'Italia 2017 told by Enel: the historic 100th edition, the challengers and the most important stages

    The Giro turns 100. 100 years of energy that crosses Italy every year.

    Once again this year Enel is partner of the Giro. A partnership based on strong shared values: energy, passion, caring for the environment.

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    Watch all videos: discover Enel's link with the local territories in the video story from locations on the route of the 100th edition of the Giro d'Italia

    Giro d'Italia pills


    The Giro d'Italia energy

    We fell in love with the Giro d’Italia energy. We share the same values: striving, tension, and great consciousness towards the environment. We will try our best to express these values for the historic Centenary edition that will take place in 2017, when Enel will endorse again the Pink Jersey

    Giro d'Italia under 23

    Giro d'Italia

    The Pink Jersey of young talents

    Archiviata la storica edizione numero 100 del Giro d’Italia, torna la corsa degli Under 23, talenti in erba che sognano un salto nei professionisti. Con Enel, ancora sponsor della Maglia rosa, a raccontarla tappa dopo tappa

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