Giro 105

Enel and the Maglia Rosa. A new energy is powering Italy.


Back in the saddle and flying along once again, the iconic Maglia Rosa – the Pink Jersey that identifies the lead cyclist in the Giro d’Italia – is leading the pack towards victory, symbolizing a country that never stops. Its creator was Armando Cougnet, the journalist who made history as the first organizer of the Giro d’Italia. Back in 1931, no one knew whether his vision would stand the test of time. But he was right: today the Giro is still in excellent shape, and the leader’s jersey still stands out among the athletes.

This year’s edition is the seventh time we are the official sponsor of the Maglia Rosa. This year, a special edition Enel 60 Maglia Rosa celebrates our sixty years of future and energy. Since 1962, the world has changed; Italy has changed. The Giro has evolved and so have we – but the values we share remain the same: tenacity, enthusiasm, effort, work and commitment as we pedal towards the goal of electrifying the country.

We are the reflection of an Italy that is resuming its race towards increasingly ambitious goals of renewal, growth and continuous improvement. Guiding this journey are sustainability, electrification and people, thanks to the teamwork and the indivisible bond with the country that we are a part of, just like the Giro d’Italia.


“Stepping onto the stage with the athletes and seeing the enthusiasm of so many people is an amazing feeling. It’s our country’s love of life.”

– Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Country Italy

60 years of future and energy in pink

We’re celebrating our 60th anniversary, commemorating our start on December 6, 1962, in pink hues, thanks to the driving force of the Giro d’Italia and the power of the Maglia Rosa, which we’re sponsoring again this year. This connection, which began in 2016 thanks to the partnership with RCS Sport, continues today in the spirit of those who, just like the cyclists, are always looking ahead with determination and enthusiasm.

Light Cycles by Arthur Duff

As the Pink Race passed through, the iconic architecture of some of the towns that featured in the stages provided the background for lighting installations by the visual artist Arthur Duff.


Change is racing around your home. Electrification changes the way you experience it.

Take a spin in electrification.

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On the go with the energy of change for a better tomorrow.

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Choose change by filling up on clean energy.

Cyclist on bike with ciclamino jersey

Today there’s an energy that will reward you

Come and see us at the Spazio Enel (Enel Spaces) and in stores along the Giro d’Italia route between now and May 29. If you haven’t already done so, you can sign up for ENELPREMIA WOW! (“ENELREWARDS WOW!”) and enter the “Giro & Vinci” (“Giro & Win”) competition. Ask for your postcard and try and win one of the 1,150 prizes. What are you waiting for?

Cosa c'è in Giro (Out and about with the Giro)

A podcast following the stages of the Giro d'Italia 105 – discover the country, its attractions and our commitment to electrification. Available in Italian.

Musica in Giro (Our Giro 105 Playlist)

21 songs for 21 stages: a burst of energy along the route of the Giro d'Italia 105.

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