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The advantages of renewable energies and the Free Market

Electrification and the Energy Free Market

The best choice is the one that allows us to be more sustainable today so that we can ensure a better future for the generations of tomorrow. 

The best choice, for us, is to be able to offer all families the advantages of energy with green DNA: electricity generated by renewable sources, such as the sun, wind, water and the heat of the earth itself. Renewable energy sources help support the stability of electricity prices, help combat climate change and promote the electrification of consumption: this will lead to the increasingly widespread use of electricity in sectors like transport, heating and other domestic uses.


Electricity generated from renewable sources paves the way for electrification, which is the best way to decarbonize industry, improve transport efficiency and reduce pollution.

The free market

Our energy supply solutions are cheaper and more sustainable. Find out why the free market is the best choice.


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All the information you need about your supply contract and the services available to manage domestic electricity and gas use quickly and easily.

Fraud guide

Mail and phone fraud attempts are becoming increasingly common and widespread with fraudsters using scam phone calls and texts to solicit payments or sensitive personal information.