Trust, responsibility, innovation and proactivity. These are the key values of the Open Power approach that guides our people. It’s a way of thinking and looking at the world: our way of being, where feeling and action travel together on the pathway of “soft leadership” which values people, their diversity, and their capacity to listen, change and think about the future by looking far ahead.

Accompanying people on their professional journey, allowing them to nurture their passions, letting their talent flourish, contributing to creating a working environment that is more serene and stimulating, in which they feel greater responsibility and autonomy.

This is #EssereEnel (BeingEnel) 


“Le persone sono come i fiori ed è fondamentale coltivare il talento di ognuno per favorire la cultura di una “leadership gentile” basata su fiducia, responsabilità e superamento delle gerarchie. Per questo investiamo ogni giorno nella formazione dei colleghi e nella valorizzazione delle loro competenze”

– Guido Stratta, Direttore People & Organization

People at the core

The open approach and the attitude towards innovation and engaging everyone’s individuality enables us to unearth talents and shape the different skills of our people. Inclusion for us means taking care of all aspects of diversity and enhancing everyone’s talents: this means creating open environments that each day ensure the conditions to allow every individual’s potential to be expressed freely, thereby stimulating creativity and encouraging new opportunities.

For this reason, the concept of empowering people is close to our hearts and we promote this through processes that enable them to tackle the challenges of the future effectively. Career mobility encourages people to open up to new professional experiences. It can lead to a diversification of skills and the creation of profiles that can work in a number of areas. Continuous training is the central pillar of our learning strategy. Within such a constantly evolving scenario the specific skills required can change quickly, while training initiatives assume a growing importance when it comes to implementing a socially responsible approach. Mentoring, job shadowing, coaching and open feedback pathways encourage knowledge sharing between colleagues who, from a circular perspective, make their own expertise available to help others. Involving and motivating our people to achieve their full potential, providing opportunities for their personal and professional development, also by enhancing their soft skills, ensures the constant growth of the Group.


Where talents bloom

The key players in our strategy are our people, with their capacity for innovation and a way of thinking that is open to change.

In order to apply sustainability and innovation to all our activities, through our work in Recruiting we are looking for people who are proactive, curious and motivated. This search starts by collaborating with universities and schools, with the goal of attracting the best talents. And it continues with the selection process, which is also made possible thanks to the use of innovative digital tools: video interviews conducted using artificial intelligence and gamification applications for aptitude profiling.

We are looking for talented people who truly want to improve life on our planet and offer solutions to the challenges of tomorrow. This is in order to shape the energy of the future together.

Innovation and inclusion

Renewable energies, smart grids, electric mobility and home automation solutions are just some of the areas where we are focusing attention and investments. We are always looking for the best ideas in order to gather innovative and sustainable solutions through the Open Innovability® approach. And we want to promote innovation and inclusion by explaining to the new generations the opportunities offered by pursuing study and training pathways in technical, scientific and digital fields. In particular, we are supporting initiatives that encourage young women and girls to continue their studies in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects and to overcome gender stereotypes. Every year we organize STEM orientation pathways involving thousands of young women in all the countries in which the Group is present in order to make our sector more inclusive.