Enel is Italy’s “Best Job”

Published on Wednesday, 5 December 2018

In media partnership with La Repubblica – Business and Finance, the German Quality Institute of Hamburg (IMWF) has placed our Group first in the rankings of the “Best Job Italy 2018-2019” Social Listening Index, the most in-depth online analysis of Italian employers.

Enel came first in the “Best Job” category with a points score of 100% and second in “Top Career” with a points score of 72.7% in the Raw Materials and Energy sector. The Social Listening Index, which examined 2,500 companies with the highest number of employees in Italy, has made it possible to assess and measure the excellence of their corporate welfare and careers, taking into account training, salaries and professional development. Judgements are based on the approval expressed through web-based platforms – sites, forums, blogs and online news titles. The innovative methodology collects fragments of text containing at least one reference to the employer being analysed.

Data processing takes place on a biannual or annual basis using crawler programmes. Every fragment is checked using Artificial Intelligence. The factors that are taken into consideration include: which company is named in the text (Entity-Matching), what category it fits into (Eventtype-Matching) and the tone (Sentiment-Matching).

Artificial Intelligence is also used in summarising the texts, classifying them by tone and type of event (with a 75% weighting on the final judgement). The results of a questionnaire on welfare and careers, which directly addresses the company in the spotlight (weight 25%), are then added to the initial assessment. The results are expressed as a percentage compared to the first placed company in the relevant sector, which has a percentage score of 100%. This becomes the benchmark.

This year saw a total of 255 “Best Job” companies and 136 “Top Careers”, 10% and 5.3% respectively of the sample analysed. It’s a double accolade for our Group, and a new challenge – to do even better!  

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