Zero, aiming for a plastic-free world

Published on Wednesday, 5 June 2019

There will be no more plastic plates, cutlery and straws in supermarkets, bars and vending machines from 2021 onwards. The Enel Group, however, has decided to move even faster and today, on World Environment Day, we launch the project “Zero, verso un mondo senza plastica” (Zero, aiming for a plastic-free world) to accelerate the elimination of single-use plastics in the company before 2021.

The process will roll out initially in the small and large offices across the entire Italian national territory, starting with our premises in Rome then the production plants, reaching completion next year and extending its scope to include also our chains of suppliers.

A single employee consumes, on average, 4 to 6 kg of plastic per year. From today, every staff member will be given a water bottle to replace single-use bottles which, although not included in the European Union directive, Enel has decided to eliminate from bars, canteens, food outlets and vending machines located on company premises.

The aim is to avoid the consumption of more than 128 tonnes of plastic annually, which is equivalent to 246 tonnes of CO2, thereby saving 5,548 m3/year of water and 2.6 GWh/year of energy.

According to a study by Legambiente, Italy leads Europe in the consumption of single-use bottles per person and is in second place worldwide, after Mexico. The European Union directive does not prohibit the sale of these bottles but requests that, by 2029, at least 90% of them are collected for recycling, with an intermediary target of 77% by 2025. Enel has, however, decided to eliminate them immediately, along with the other single-use plastics: a further step towards sustainability and an indication of how seriously we take our responsibility towards our planet.

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