Billing supply suspension for earthquake

Published on Friday, 2 September 2016

Following the earthquake of August,24, Enel has followed the provision of the Authority for Electricity gas and water system (AEEGSI) that ordered the suspension of the payment terms of invoices for the supply of electricity and gas emitted or to be issued by that date for the municipalities affected by the earthquake, identified in the press release of the Council of Ministers # 126:

- Marche - Arquata del Tronto (AP), Acquasanta Terme (AP) Montegallo (AP), Montefortino (FM), Montemonaco (AP)

- Abruzzo - Montereale (AQ), Capitignano (AQ), Campotosto (AQ), Valle Castellana (TE), Rocca Santa Maria (TE)

- Lazio - Accumoli (RI) Amatrice (RI), Cittareale (RI)

- Umbria - Preci (PG) Norcia (PG), Cascia (PG), Monteleone di Spoleto (PG)

Enel informs its customers that Enel Energia, Enel Servizio Elettrico and Enel Sole also suspended all credit recovery actions on previously issued invoices.

For bills already issued before the suspension of billing and for which a payment request has already been forwarded to the credit institutions, Enel informs its customers that have signed the direct debit they can ask that the payment should be blocked.

For any further information you can call the Enel Energia call center (800 900 860) or Enel Servizio Elettrico (800 900 800).

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