Enel at the Internazionale Festival in Ferrara

Published on Friday, 30 September 2016

At the event, the company will explain to visitors the benefits of electric mobility and offers of Enel Energia

Innovation, sustainability, responsibility and culture are some of the key elements of the Open Power philosophy. Values ​​that animate the tenth edition of the FestivaL of the Internazionale magazine, held in Ferrara from 30 September to 2 October, and whose sponsors include Enel. The event’s weekend is on information and news, economics and literature, comics and photography. 240 guests from 31 countries and 60 newspapers, will attend workshops and debates on various issues, while a special issue of the weekly made in real time.

The event will also be the first Italian festival accessible to all, free of architectural barriers and with most of the meetings in LIS (the Italian Sign Language). Also sustainability is a key component. The Internazionale Festival has obtained the ISO 20121: a management standard for the organisation of sustainable events, which certifies the minimum environmental impact and the positive social, economic and cultural local impact. In this context, Enel, engaged for years in the commercialisation of zero-emission mobility, will offer all parties the opportunity to test the free electric bicycles offered by Enel Energia. The company's consultants will also be available at the stand to illustrate the advantages of e-bikes, the ideal vehicle for leisure or for those who have to travel short distances avoiding traffic and waiting for public transport.

Enel Energia has launched a range of four e-bikes suitable for different customer needs, with two key words: efficiency and savings. At a cost of 2 euro (equivalent to just over a liter of petrol) can travel up to 600 km; the battery, lithium, is removable from the frame and can be recharged in about three hours, to a range of 100 kilometers. The pedal assistance intervenes, if necessary, to make the voyage less tiring in case of unevenness or long runs.

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