Enel on judgment of the court of Brindisi Cerano Plant

Published on Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Enel Produzione notes the decision of the Court of Brindisi that did not enhance the accurate facts reported  at the trial, during which contradictions and uncertainties on the evidence produced by the prosecution  emerged.

The company will evaluate the reasons for the decision at first instance that saw the sentencing of two executives also considered the huge amount of investment, more than 700 million euro, made by the company in recent years. Commitment that has seen a continuous improvement in the environmental performance of the Federico II plant in Brindisi.

Confident that the defenses of the two leaders will receive a different assessment on appeal, consistent with the results of the investigation, Enel Produzione notes that the General Court rejected the claims of over 1.4 billion euro advanced from the main plaintiffs.

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