New start from Milan for the electric car revolution

Published on Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Milan capital of electric mobility. The city in Lombardy marked a new step forward in this field, thanks to the partnership between Enel, A2A and Class Onlus, the three recharge network experimenters who in 2016 launched the Arese Chart for the development of non-polluting means of transportation.  The workshop on sustainable mobility in Italian cities revealed important developments both on regulations for access into the Milanese city centre – which became effective precisely on February 13 – and on more innovative resources to be used by the four-wheels.  

Electric car drivers are presently the only ones exempt from paying a ticket to enter Milan’s C Area, which has been subject to traffic limitations for years because of the many models not yet adjusted to environmental standards. The same benefit is granted to electric vehicles for the transport of goods, which can move freely in the centre of Milan also between 8 and 10 am.

Soon a call for tender will launch in the capital of Lombardy a three-year experimental management service for 28 digital islands to recharge quadricycles, as well as 32 electric charging stations: as many as 315 charging points will be installed between 2017 and 2018 at 854 lay-bys, compared with the current 344 with 60 points. On this front Enel’s thrust proves decisive, also at the national level: in fact, the Eva + project will bring about the installation of 200 fast charging stations on the entire motorway network.

Finally, the workshops traced an overview of all incentives, conventions and contributions for electric mobility in Italy, an area of huge potential with which Italians are however scarcely familiar: the daily travels of electric car users do not exceed 60 kilometres. Nonetheless, the mandatory requirements for installations to be used for sustainable mobility were at last defined, by adjusting the PNire - National infrastructural Plan for electric vehicle recharging - through the decree that adopts the AFI European Directive.

Various other important  names of the electricity supply chain made a contribution alongside Enel, such as A2A and RSE, as well as organisations working in the field of sustainable services or automotive manufacturers, including FN Sustainable Mobility, Nissan and COBAT, the National Collection and Recycling Consortium.

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