A report from the electricity industry

Published on Thursday, 6 April 2017

Where is Italy’s electricity heading? The Irex Annual Report tries to provide an answer. The report will be presented on 11 April at "The energy revolution. Renewable networks, consumers", the conference organised by the strategic consulting firm Althesys and held at the GSE auditorium in Rome.

The event, sponsored by Enel, will take stock of trends and strategies of the electricity industry in the wake of the Energy G7, held in Rome right before, on 9 and 10 April.

A decisive contribution is expected from Enel Green Power CEO Francesco Venturini, called to discuss the situation of distribution networks and consumer trends. Two other roundtables will focus on “The strategies of firms in a transforming industry” and “The electricity industry around 2030. The vision of associations.”

According to Althesys CEO and Irex Annual Report coordinator Alessandro Marangoni, at least four critical issues must be dealt with. On the one side, the costs of renewables keep on dropping, but due to the low prices on the electricity markets, they are sustainable only under favorable environmental conditions. Italy could be far from achieving the European objectives for 2030: renewable-supporting policies are not sufficient, more modern plants and new installations are needed. In addition, small consumer digitisation and solar PV micro-diffusion should not be underestimated; they are possible “technologies killer” for the industry. Finally, the overall scenario remains uncertain, and it is necessary to find new business models that will meet rapidly changing energy habits of consumers.


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