Umbria Green Festival, the electric heart of Italy

Published on Monday, 11 September 2017

Electric mobility and tourism go hand in hand. At Umbria Green Festival in Terni from 7-10 September, Enel’s projects on the theme of Italian sustainable development offered a point for discussions that begin in Umbria and continue across the rest of the country and Europe.

The speech by Carlo Napoli, Head of Enel’s Innovation Hub, offered an overview of the company’s many initiatives in the field of innovation and the measures adopted in order to combat climate change. Enel aims to make its own energy mix CO2 free by 2050, thus reinforcing the ecological impact of the new infrastructure for the e-Mobility Revolution and its contribution to kick-starting the territories that are currently not so well connected to the national transport network.

In the coming years the Umbria region will be at the centre of the first project in Europe for the direct social diffusion of recharging stations, thanks to the new innovative start-up SM(Y) Umbria. The main objective of the initiative is to bring together those who use the recharging network, those who would like it to be present in their own area and those who intend to invest in sustainable mobility. The region in central Italy could thus overcome its current connection problems by using a resource that would offer a boost to both transport and tourism. The hope is that this latter sector manages to convert all of its activities to renewable and sustainable resources, enabling Umbria to become known not only as the “green heart of Italy” but also its “electric heart.”

Promoted by the company Techne, in collaboration with the Terni council and with the support of the Umbria Regional Administration, the second edition of the festival involved 50 leading experts and key players in the green economy.

Among the highest profile events at the festival, in addition to the conference held by mathematician Piergiorgio Odifreddi , was the presentation of Franco Passalacqua’s docu-film “Fondazione Carit: la Valle Incantata” (Carit Foundation: the Enchanted Valley), the presentation of the curriculum in Circular Planning at the University of Perugia’s Industrial Engineering Faculty and also the Inter-regional Electric Mobility Rally that saw cars, bicycles and electric scooters travel in a procession through the centre of Terni. Yet another step forward for the e-Mobility Revolution led by Enel.

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