Enelpremia, three awards for Enel Energia’s loyalty programme

Published on Friday, 12 October 2018

Three awards for enelpremia 3.0

The loyalty programme, reserved for clients of Enel Energia, an Enel Group company which operates on the free market, has received the “Best of The Best” award, the Best Edutainment Campaign award and the Best CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Campaign award, which were given during the second edition of the Promotion Awards. Organised by Promotion Magazine, the contest is reserved for the best promotional campaigns in Italy, and aims to enhance and disseminate the culture of marketing relationships.

"We are particularly proud of these awards which, above all, come from the participation and appreciation of those who choose Enel Energia," commented Marco Frattini, Head of Marketing & Supply of Enel Italy Market. "We are working with passion and commitment to simplify the lives of our customers, and to build a new way of experiencing energy: one which is clear, immediate, and able to offer tangible benefits." 

The awards won by enelpremia 3.0 

The first award, “Best of the Best”, was given for the best overall campaign; the second for promotional campaigns in which an educational element was linked to informative and entertainment aspects; and the third for promotional campaigns where the company highlights actions that create value in the country or community in which it operates.

A few weeks ago in Las Vegas Enel picked up the prestigious DMA International ECHO Award promoted by the "Data & Marketing Association" of the United States. For enelpremia 3.0, this is yet another sign of international recognition, and further proof of the popularity and effectiveness of its customer loyalty programme.

In 2017, on the other hand, enelpremia was on the short list of the Loyalty Magazine Awards, an important competition organised in London.

Enelpremia 3.0, a successful programme

There are various factors that have contributed to the many prizes and awards which enelpremia 3.0 has collected over the past 18 months. First of all, the ability to promote an idea of sustainable energy with regard to the environment and to society. Thanks to this loyalty programme, Enel Energia’s customers have gained greater awareness of these important issues.

Enelpremia 3.0 makes use of “gamification” principles to encourage the development of virtuous customer behaviour (simple actions such as reading the meter and submitting the reading). The customer area of the Enel Energia website contains quizzes and games that allow customers to increase their energy point balance so that, at the end of the year, they can decide to use the points accumulated towards discounts on their bills or donate them to charitable initiatives endorsed by Enel.

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