Three projects for the future of the former Bari power plant

Published on Thursday, 18 October 2018

A site with three possible futures. The former Bari power plant could be transformed into an integrated urban park, a science park or a multifunctional hub for tourism and commercial use. 

The redevelopment proposals submitted by private parties interested in the site’s redevelopment were recently presented by Enel Produzione and the Milan Polytechnic. They were examined by members of the Evaluation Panel whose job it is to assess the redevelopment process of the first significant thermoelectric power plant constructed in Puglia. It is one of the 23 sites in Italy that have been decommissioned or are reaching the end of their role as energy providers. Enel plans to redevelop them through its Futur-e programme using innovative, sustainable solutions developed with an emphasis on the circular economy.  

The Project Competition, which was launched in 2017, continues. The uses proposed by the interested parties must be given a detailed evaluation to enable Enel Produzione to initiate the final stage of the process. The Panel meetings will be attended by our representatives and by staff from the Milan Polytechnic, as well as Anna Vella, Head of Planning for the Bari area, Domenico La Forgia, Head of the Department for Economic Development, Innovation, Teaching, Training and Employment for the Puglia Region and Giuseppe Marano, associate professor of construction technology at the Bari Polytechnic. 

The former power plant, which is regarded as an important example of industrial architecture, will be enhanced by its integration into a residential area that requires green, multifunctional spaces. This is because the Futur-e programme also means urban regeneration.  

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