Cyber Security, the Global Control Room launched in Turin

Published on Friday, 9 November 2018

The idea that prevention is better than cure does not just apply to human health, it’s also true for the IT world, which is now subject to far more dangerous threats than the viruses attacking our computers in the 1980s. 

Enel has a well-established cyber security tradition. On 7 November another crucial step was taken in our company’s digital transformation with the opening of the Global Control Room inside the Cyber Emergency Readiness Team - CERT in Turin for the prevention and management of cyber attacks directed towards our assets, such as power plants, networks, web portals, management systems and online client interfaces. 

Together with the CERT, the Global Control Room is a cutting-edge structure that creates a hub for the company’s global, synergistic strategy, an initiative that has gained new intensity over the past two years.  

“The era of digitalisation and technological innovation means that large companies are finding themselves increasingly targeted by cyber attacks, which are becoming more numerous and sophisticated,” said our CEO Francesco Starace at the opening ceremony together with Carlo Bozzoli, Head of the Group’s Global Digital Solutions Department. “We are present throughout the world,” said Starace, “with a complex, organised structure of people and machines that are constantly exchanging sensitive data, and this is the reason we have created the CERT team of experts who work to provide the highest level of protection from cyber attacks.”

“The risk management model we have adopted,” explained Bozzoli, “is based on a systemic vision that integrates the traditional IT sector, Operational Technology oriented more towards the industrial sector and the Internet of Things, the network of smart objects connected online.”

The hard work carried out by our team of analysts means the structure can now block over two million potentially risky e-mails every day, as well as an average of around 300 attacks on our web portal, 1,300 viruses and 625,000 connections to dangerous web sites. To this can be added the identification every year of over 600 Internet domains that use our brand illegally and an average of 13 hostile initiatives a month detected by the Cyber Intelligence system. This enables our Cyber Security team to ensure an increasingly secure flow of sensitive data and information for the Group. 

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