New light for Bari’s iconic locations

Published on Friday, 21 February 2020

There is new light in the historical centre of Bari, thanks to artistic lighting created by Enel X. The new set-up, inaugurated on 18 February, illuminates the stretch of the Muraglia that leads to the Fortino di Sant’Antonio and continues on to the Basilica of St. Nicholas and the complex of St. Scholastica. The route, which is now illuminated by latest-generation LED lights, leads visitors to discover some of the most symbolic sites of historical and artistic heritage in the capital city of Apulia.

The Enel X project was carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainability and energy efficiency as agreed in the contract signed in October 2019 between the Municipality of Bari and our Group. The installation included approximately 130 new LED spotlights along the city walls and, near the Fortino, light points that have a low environmental impact and use 50% less energy. The inauguration demonstrated how the new lighting system can project different colours and create lighting scenarios that the Superintendence and the Municipality can then use when hosting or commemorating special events.

Carlo Tamburi, Head of Enel Italia, switched on the new artistic lighting of the medieval fortifications for the first time: “We are extremely pleased to have contributed to the creation of an innovative and sustainable infrastructure that will further enhance the beauty of one of the most iconic areas in the city of Bari.” He continued: “Thanks to two key pillars of our corporate vision, innovation and sustainability, and the foresight of the Municipal administration, Bari is now endowed with a new lighting system that combines efficiency and sustainability while safeguarding the city’s artistic heritage.”

Participants at the inauguration included Bari’s Councillor for Public Works, Giuseppe Galasso, who announced the intention to light the walls and the Fortino in the colours of the peace flag during the visit of Pope Francis for the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) on “The Mediterranean, A Frontier of Peace (Mediterraneo, frontiera di pace)” on 23 February.

Fittingly, it is the Mediterranean Sea that reflects the new lights of Bari’s Old City whose ancient beauty shines forth thanks to Enel’s technological and sustainable innovation.

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